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The Wonder Brothers

Book Synopsis

No matter how big the show, family, friendship and adventure shine through in The Wonder Brothers by multi-award-winning author Frank Cottrell-Boyce, illustrated throughout by Steven Lenton.

‘Maybe you don’t believe me. Maybe you don’t believe in magic. I bet you will by the time you’ve heard what happened to us.’

Cousins Middy and Nathan love magic. The on-stage, cape-swirling, bunny-out-of-a-hat kind.

For Middy, it’s all about patience and practice. She uses magic skills to help her out of tricky situations.

Nathan is a show-off and a total danger magnet, he is drawn to the sensation, spectacle and audience.

So when the famous Blackpool Tower dramatically vanishes the night of the Grand Lights Switch-On, showman Nathan announces live on TV that they will magic it back home.

With a stick of rock, a spangly cape, and a bit of misdirection, they end up lost in Las Vegas, home to the grand master of illusion, Perplexion, ‘Legend of Magic’.

Full of tricks, twists and deceptions, the delightful Nathan and Middy will keep you guessing until the very end.

Our Review Panel says...

It’s show time! Meet Blackpool’s very own Nathan and Middy, together they are The Wonder Brothers! Of course they couldn’t perform their acts without a support team comprising of the steadfast Brodie and his giant white rabbit, Queenie (the real star of the show!). Together the children have spent summer holidays in Blackpool, perfecting the art of magic, but when a legendary magician comes to visit and makes Blackpool’s prominent landmark vanish, they go on a mission to get it back. The Blackpool Tower has disappeared, and when Middy is interviewed by the press she promises that they will return it.

Little did she know that they would end up in Las Vegas, building new tricks, performing street magic, befriending some nuns, eating burgers in an exclusive spa and winning 4.9m dollars! But along the way, the children are guided by a magical code of conduct, channelling their energy into positive outcomes and using their somewhat limited resources effectively. Eventually the police do catch up with them and Captain Jimenez provides part of the narration for the story, because quite frankly he does not believe a word of it.

This is Frank Cottrell-Boyce at his very best. Alongside the glorious illustrations by Steven Lenton, the magic and mystery falls off the pages. The story is fast paced and engaging, with a fantastic cast of characters who will leave even the most sceptical reader wondering just how the tricks are done. Great for Year 4 and up.

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The Wonder Brothers

the wonder brothers

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