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Review Policy

We are pleased to accept books for review on Our main aim is to provide recommendations of high-quality texts that can be used by teachers and other professionals working in primary schools.

We receive a high volume of requests each week from publishers and authors. Please note the following terms if you wish to submit a copy for review:

  • We are happy to receive print copies of children’s books suitable for ages 4-11. We are particularly interested in picture books, non-fiction children’s books, early readers, middle-grade chapter books, graphic novels and poetry. Please do not send books with content that is inappropriate for the primary age range (in particular, no swearing please).

  • Please note that we no longer accept e-books or self-published titles and we are not willing to make exceptions on this.

  • The purpose of our website is to recommend books that we deem to be high quality and suitable for the classroom. While we may agree to look at your book, we therefore cannot guarantee that we will publish reviews for all books that we receive. Please note that we reserve the right to choose not to review some of the books that we receive at our discretion.

  • Submitted books may appear on our Reading for Pleasure blog, our booklists, our seasonal features or our social channels, depending on the best fit.

  • On some occasions, after our own initial assessments of a book, we send copies to our trusted Review Panel members to gather feedback from pupils and teachers. This helps us to make sure that the books we recommend are books that are widely enjoyed by children and their teachers in school settings. Please let us know if you would like to provide extra copies for this purpose or if you wish to request that your book only remains in the hands of Booksfortopics HQ (e.g. for advanced proof copies).

  • In some cases, we donate spare review copies to a local primary school and occasionally we may choose to use the books we receive for giveaways or for publicity purposes.

  • In busy periods, please note that it may take several weeks from receiving books for reviews to be posted. In the cases of advance copies, we always try to publish reviews around the time of the book’s publication date.

  • All reviews are intended to give a fair reflection of the suitability of books for use in the primary classroom. If we do not think a book is suitable in terms of content or quality, we will be unlikely to feature it.

If you would like to contact us about reviewing a book, please email [email protected] or use our contact form.

As well as book reviews, we are keen to work with publishers and authors to help get the best quality books into primary classrooms. Please get in touch if you are interested in guest blogging, blog tours, providing giveaway prizes or author Q & A sessions.

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Year group(s) the book is most suitable for:

Does the book contain anything that teachers would wish to know about before recommending in class (strong language, sensitive topics etc.)?

Does the book contain anything that teachers would wish to know about before recommending in class (strong language, sensitive topics etc.)?

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Curriculum links (if relevant)

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