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Ones to Watch – New Children’s Books This Term

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New Children’s Books For Autumn 2023

It’s always exciting to know about which great new books are coming soon and we’ve been on a mission to dig out the best books to look forward to!

Our team has been taking a look at some of the new children’s books coming up this term.  Here’s what to watch out for over the next few months –  why not pre-order now as a gift to your future self?

New Children's Books for September 2023

Hannah Gold
 & Levi Pinfold
Chapter book

This is the beautiful sequel to the widely acclaimed ‘The Last Bear’ by Hannah Gold.

Brave and impetuous, April Wood is drawn back to the Arctic in search of Bear, who she is sure is calling her to return. The magical bond between girl and bear taps into every child’s dream, but Gold also explores themes of grief and loss, and what it means to love enough to let go. Friendship, courage, family bonds and the importance of not judging people on first impressions are also themes powerfully explored in the book.

The narrative is clear about the negative impact of climate change on wildlife in the Arctic – in particular, there is a resonating scene in which April finds a polar bear who has died of starvation. The greatest impact of the book however is that it leaves you with a sense of the incredible natural beauty of the Arctic – as Abi Elphinstone says, it is ‘utterly transporting’ – and the importance of doing all we can to preserve it. April is a fierce advocate for the wildlife of the Arctic. Her voice speaks out strongly in anger over the impacts of climate change, yet the book ends with hope as she realises the power of leading with her heart and her passion on display to inspire others.

Beautiful and moving, Hannah Gold has again produced a treasure of a story not to be missed.

Sinead O'Hart
Chapter book
Myth and magic combine in this unforgettable adventure drawing on Irish folklore, from award-winning author Sinéad O'Hart.The seandraiocht - the Old Magic - isn't remembered like it once was. Its power is fading...When Rose is entrusted with a powerful stone by a Frost Giant, she is swept into an adventure full of danger. The stone can be used for great good or great evil, depending on its keeper. It leads Rose to discover the magic that runs through all of Ireland. A magic that is threaded together beneath the land: the Silver Road. But the Silver Road is under threat.Now Rose must keep the stone from falling into the wrong hands and embark on a quest to find its rightful owner and keep the magic alive . . .A stunning new fantasy adventure for children, drawing on Celtic folklore. Perfect for fans of Catherine Doyle and Ross Montgomery.
Dermot O'Leary
 & Claire Powell
Chapter book
Can one tiny bird help to win a world war? Wings of Glory is a funny action-adventure story with a feathery twist, from bestselling children's author, Dermot O'Leary, with glorious illustrations throughout by Claire Powell.It's 1940, and the world is at war. Linus, a swift, has always dreamed of flying with the Royal Bird Force and making a name for himself as a squadron leader. So when he and his sister, Ava, have the opportunity to volunteer, he jumps at the chance.But it's a dangerous journey, and Ava goes missing before they manage to reach the airfield for training. Now, Linus has two missions: help the war effort and find his sister.Linus will face bomber planes, arrogant falcons, and a spy who's determined to take him down...He is brave and fast and kind - but can Linus prove that helping win the war is more about the size of your heart than the size of your wings?Featuring courageous loop-the-loops, top secret plans and more than a smattering of bird poo, this wartime tail will make you laugh and cry - and maybe teach you a thing or two as well.
Katherine Rundell
Chapter book
It was a very fine day, until something tried to eat him. A boy called Christopher is visiting his reclusive grandfather when he witnesses an avalanche of mythical creatures come tearing down the hill. This is how Christopher learns that his grandfather is the guardian of one of the ways between the non-magical world and a place called the Archipelago, a cluster of magical islands where all the creatures we tell of in myth live and breed and thrive alongside humans. They have been protected from being discovered for thousands of years; now, terrifyingly, the protection has worn thin, and creatures are breaking through. Then a girl, Mal, appears in Christopher’s world. She is in possession of a flying coat, is being pursued by a killer and is herself in pursuit of a baby griffin. Mal, Christopher and the griffin embark on an urgent quest across the wild splendour of the Archipelago, where sphinxes hold secrets and centaurs do murder, to find the truth – with unimaginable consequences for both their worlds. Together the two must face the problem of power, and of knowledge, and of what love demands of us.
Isi Hendrix
Chapter book

As a 12-year-old orphan, life for Adia has not been easy. Raised by her Aunt and Uncle, in the swamplands as a member of the Igbo tribe, Adia is marked to be an Ogbanje – an evil spirit, thought to bring misfortune on those around her. When Adia mistakenly destroys her village she flees to the Academy of Shamans, hoping to free herself from the curse.

She stumbles upon a greater danger, one that threatens to destroy her entire kingdom. With the help of three unlikely allies, can she learn to control her powers and confront the evil before it is too late…

I was intrigued to delve into the world of Adia Kelbara – a debut novel from Isi Hendrix. The narrative provided a beautiful mix entwining the author’s Igbo heritage and folklore with a fantasy world of deities and magic, while developing Adia from a clumsy, social outcast into a brave yet believably flawed heroine, empowered by and proud of her experiences rather than held back by them. A story of hope, friendship and resilience, I look forward to reading the sequel. Best suited to upper KS2 or lower KS3.

Cat Gray
Chapter book

Pip just wants to fit in, he has spent years trying to just blend into the surroundings and it getting quite good at it, with parents like his this has been no easy feat. Pip’s Mum gets a new job and his parents decide to uproot from their life in quiet lives in Norwich and move to the centre of London. Pip’s Dad is beside himself with excitement at the prospect of finally opening his own antique business but Pip dreads starting a new school and being “that” child that everyone stares at yet again.

A strange girl gives him a sinister warning and Pip goes to bed wishing that he could persuade his parents to move back home. Before he gets the chance something happens to his Parents, sapping all of their craziness overnight and for the first time in his life, Pip wishes they would be their old, alternative selves again. What has happened and will they ever be their old selves again?

This is Cat Gray’s second novel aimed at the middle school reader, a mixed up supernatural tale that – in the style of the best whodunnit – introduces a host of characters who could each be the spirit snatcher. Combining this with the sweet tale of friendships, edged with the pain of always feeling an outsider, Gray combines enough action and twists, with sprinkles of dark humour; picking the pace up leaving the reader willing our unlikely hero to solve the mystery before time runs out.

A great gripping read for a class story, sure to appeal to a range of readers and a good source of discussion around bullying, respect and the supernatural.

Lauren St John
Chapter book

Ruby Thorn, Roo to all who know her well, thought her world had collapsed when her Mum died two years ago. Roo’s Dad hadn’t taken it well, losing his job and sleeping through the day on the sofa, Roo tried her best to run the house and evade the scrutiny of school and her social worker, always trying to catch her out as her school attendance was patchy at best.

Then one night, with a hammering of the police at the door of their flat, her world, or what remained of it, collapsed entirely. Orphaned and thrust upon her Aunt Joni, a stranger by all accounts, Roo has never felt more alone or unlucky, but even then bad things kept on happening. Suddenly homeless, the unlikely pair make a midnight flit in Joni’s battered camper, only to escape just in time as the camper explodes in a ball of flames, leaving them stranded in the middle of the countryside as the worse snowstorm in recent history sets in. What has the future left in store for them, if there even is one…?

Lauren St John has an impressive back catalogue of children’s fiction and her knowledge of the horses is unquestionable. St John has an impressive ability to weave a mystery adventure, dropping in clues and plot twists along the way, while building a love for Roo and Joni. Her passion for horses is clear, her description of what it feels like to lose yourself in riding is captivating. A real page turner and one that I am already enjoying reading for a second time (this time with my daughter) recognising just how many little clues are cleverly interwoven along the way. Sure to prove a popular class read.

Gabriel Dylan
Chapter book

This is a book that is hard to put down and fans of Crater Lake will surely love this tale of a race against time to save the sleepy English town of Shiver Point from an unidentifiable and unnatural being.

Alex, a bit of a loner, and new to Shiver Point, chases down a strange light– possibly a meteorite – in the nearby forest in the middle of the night, hoping that it might provide the means to leave the town that he so dislikes. He is very surprised to see that he is not the only one there – several other ‘loners’ from his school have done the same, all with their own motives. However, they are soon having to work together to work out how to escape from the screams and shadows permeating from the trees. And so the reader is on a rollercoaster ride from the outset. Reluctant as they are to work together, the gang of five soon realise that they are the only ones in the town who see that seemingly unrelated but unusual occurrences, such as the presence of slugs and an unusual smell, are more than coincidences.

As the book progresses, the situation becomes more serious, scary and compelling and ultimately, the town and their families can only be saved by them – if they can work out how to do it in time! The writer, a fan of horror, adeptly intertwines humour within the action, as well as nods to the genre (‘isn’t it always the last one in the line that gets eaten first?’). With short, action-filled chapters, this book would make a great class-reader as well engage any reader who likes to be sitting on the edge of their seat.

Lou Peacock
 & Matt Hunt
A brilliantly illustrated collection of 366 hilarious poems to keep you laughing all year round!From rib-ticklingly funny to wryly witty, each poem in this uplifting collection is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and is perfect for reading aloud to share even more side-splitting hilarity with family and friends. Whether it's a poem about socks or spaniels, eggs or elephants, this bright and brilliant collection will bring you cheer and laughter every day.The spectacular range of poems for children includes work by John Agard, Maya Angelou, Hilaire Belloc, Brian Bilston, Lucille Clifton, Wendy Cope, Roald Dahl, Edward Lear, Spike Milligan, Ogden Nash, Grace Nichols, Jack Prelutsky, Michael Rosen, Christina Rossetti, Benjamin Zephaniah and many more.A wonderful gift for all ages, this beautifully produced anthology includes luxurious cloth binding and ribbon marker.
Rick Riordan
Chapter book
The original hero. A brand-new adventure.Percy Jackson has saved the world multiple times - battling monsters, Titans, even giants - but these days the modern-day son of Poseidon is hoping for a regular final year at school.Too bad the Greek gods have other plans, and three new quests for Percy to complete.First up: the cupbearer of the gods, Ganymede, is missing his golden chalice. Not only is this embarrassing (why do the gods keep losing their magical items?), it's also potentially disastrous. One sip from the cup will turn any mortal into a powerful god. And the old gods do not take kindly to newbies.Can Percy and his friends Annabeth and Grover find the chalice before it falls into the wrong hands? And even if they do, will they be able to resist its awesome power. . .?Readers new to the Percy Jackson universe and long-time fans will love this epic adventure - full of legendary heroes, mythical creatures, ancient Greek gods and enduring friendship - from the global bestseller Rick Riordan.

Maz Evans
Chapter book
Meet the children of Elliot and Virgo, beloved heroes of Who Let The Gods Out?Football-loving Vesper ... And super bright Aster ...Now it's their turn to take on the world's worst-behaved immortals.Beginning with Maya bad boy, Kizin, and his Lords and Ladies of Death ...Superstar author Maz Evans’s hilarious new adventure is a welcome return to the bestselling world of the Who Let the Gods Out? series – shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize.Book 1 of 3 in a superlative new spin-off series of mythological baddies.Packed full of edge-of-your-seat adventure, belly laughs and Maya mythology.As well as a brand-new Gods Squad led by Vesper and Aster, your favourite characters from Who Let the Gods Out? are back.
Julia Donaldson
 & Victoria Sandøy
Watch a thousand years unfold in the life of one magnificent tree! A thousand years ago, a tiny acorn fell to the ground. As the years pass, it grows . . . and GROWS into an enormous oak tree!As the centuries sweep by, children play games around the tree. Families dance about it. A fleeing king even hides inside its hollow trunk!The tree gives food and shelter to a host of animals, from squirrels and badgers to birds and beetles.After a thousand years, the ancient tree finally falls in a storm - but a new acorn sprouts, and the cycle of life begins all over again.The tree's magical life story is brought to life in Julia Donaldson's rich, dramatic rhyme.Victoria Sandøy's gorgeous, atmospheric illustrations perfectly capture the changing seasons, and the people and wildlife that pass byChildren will love spotting all the creatures in the pictures, and seeing the games children play around the treeThis is a book that encourages us all to look more closely at nature, and to appreciate the wonder of our ancient trees.The final pages of the book contain extra fascinating facts about oak trees and the animals that depend on them.

New Children's Books for October 2023

A. M. Dassu
Chapter book
This sequel to Dassu's award-winning debut, Boy, Everywhere, finds Ali and Sami living their dream, playing football for the school team and hanging out in their friend Mark's new luxury pool. But money goes missing and racism rears its ugly head when their friend Aadam is accused of the theft. Can the boys prove Aadam's innocence, keep their friendship – and help fight Aadam’s threatened deportation? Can Ali navigate his emotions and stay focused now his dad is back on the scene and his half-brother has joined his school? A powerful story about friendship, being an ally and finding your place in the world.
Sophie Anderson
 & Melissa Castrillon
Chapter book

A beautiful, wintery story sprinkled with folklore and magic, from much-loved author Sophie Anderson.

Since ‘the incident’ at Claw’s Edge, Tasha has found it hard to trust or let anyone in. She has vowed to stay near home where it is safe and despite a longing to make new friends and much encouragement from her family, her anxiety prevents her from reaching out. That is until she meets Alyana. Created in the first snowfall by Tasha and her Grandpa and modelled on the Snow Girl from his bedtime stories, a wish brings her to life and Alyana and Tasha adventure together through the winter nights, forming a close bond. Not wanting to lose her magical friend, Tasha longs to hold onto the winter, but when the endless snowfall and the freezing temperatures make Grandpa ill, Tasha must find a way for the Spring to come. But to do that, she will need the help of some friends. Can her bond with Alyana help her to be brave?

There is so much love and warmth in this story, despite the wintery setting. The descriptions are so evocative, the elements of folklore and fairytale are beautifully woven into the storytelling as they always are with Sophie Anderson’s writing and the relationships between the characters are so kind and gentle too. The way all the characters support Tasha through her anxiety is sensitively written. They let her take the lead, accept her choices and give her their time, patience and acceptance.

This would make a brilliant class read aloud for the winter months or would make a fantastic text to use as part of a KS2 traditional tales unit, being steeped in Slavic folklore, magic and mythology. Extracts could also be used as writing models, particularly for descriptions of winter landscapes that awaken all the senses.

The front cover says it all, and it’s just as beautiful within!

Adam Baron
Chapter book

Oscar wakes up to find his parents have been replaced by a lion. It’s not any old lion either; this one will indulge him with reading his favourite story over and over and letting him eat as many biscuits as he likes. Even stranger, it seems to be able to transform into different animals when it needs to. Best of all, it has a taste for fun.

With the lion as his guide, Oscar has adventure after adventure and the weekend of his life – all within a few miles of his house. Then, just as Benji has learned to trust and appreciate the lion, the weekend comes to an end and their exuberant partnership is over. This time it’s Oscar who is transformed. Now that he understands the world around him that little bit better, rather than grieving what is lost, he celebrates and cherishes what remains.

This is a moving book about seizing the day and looking for the wonder in the familiar weather in nature, museums or, most especially, people. It has the warmth of feeling of the best picture books. Adam Baron is a confident storyteller whose every word is measured and who can subtly manipulate his reader’s emotions without even seeming to try. Big themes are alluded to with such gentle hints that it’s up to the reader to decide how far to investigate them.

The episodic structure of the story would make this little gem a good read aloud for lower Key Stage 2 to help build emotional intelligence and resilience, especially in the face of loss and uncertainty.

Chris Bradford
 & Charlottte Grange
Chapter book
Luna loves living on the moon. She enjoys helping her father – a Moon Miner – on his search for precious minerals and rocks. But when a devastating meteor strike destroys their base, Luna is left stranded alone on the moon. With no shelter and few supplies, she must find a way to survive.The problem is – any hope of rescue is at least 3 days and 400,000 kilometres away ... and her oxygen is fast running out!
Mac Barnett
 & Jon Klassen
The multi-award-winning duo of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen tackle a perennial question: how does Santa go down the chimney?When Santa arrives at a child’s house on Christmas Eve, does he go down the chimney feetfirst or headfirst? What if he gets stuck? What if there’s no chimney? Maybe he slides under the door, as thin as a piece of paper? Or is it possible he pours himself through the tap? What happens once he’s inside?Mac Barnett’s iconic talent for earnest deadpan humour and Jon Klassen’s irresistibly funny art honour this timeless question with answers both ridiculous and plausible, mounting in hilarity as the night continues. Channeling a child’s fanciful explanations, this latest collaboration by a bestselling team will find a secure spot among family Christmas traditions.

Michael Morpurgo
 & Emily Gravett
The multi-award-winning duo of Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen tackle a perennial question: how does Santa go down the chimney?When Santa arrives at a child’s house on Christmas Eve, does he go down the chimney feetfirst or headfirst? What if he gets stuck? What if there’s no chimney? Maybe he slides under the door, as thin as a piece of paper? Or is it possible he pours himself through the tap? What happens once he’s inside?Mac Barnett’s iconic talent for earnest deadpan humour and Jon Klassen’s irresistibly funny art honour this timeless question with answers both ridiculous and plausible, mounting in hilarity as the night continues. Channeling a child’s fanciful explanations, this latest collaboration by a bestselling team will find a secure spot among family Christmas traditions.
Yuval Zommer
Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was the Wild. The Wild was huge and giving, and everything from insects, to birds, to humans made their home in it. At first, people lived lightly and took what they needed, but when they started to take more, the Wild suffered. For the Wild to be healthy, someone must be brave enough to raise their voice . . .Yuval Zommer's lyrical modern fable has a hopeful and powerful message about how our environment needs us just as much as we need it.
Joseph Coelho
 & Georgie Birkett,Amanda Quartey,Grasya Oliyko,Viola Wang
A compendium of poetry prompts from Joseph Coelho (Children's Laureate 2022-2024).Each fun and engaging prompt for writing a poem helps children discover how to write poems and then read them out loud. This is a book to build confidence and literacy skills through channeling children's imaginations.This is a book for the whole family to enjoy, bright, cheerful but cool illustrations will appeal to children of all primary ages.
Lisa Williamson
 & Jess Bradley
Chapter book
A new contemporary series from Lisa Williamson about an ordinary class of kids with extraordinary stories - teamed up with the hilarious and award-winning illustrator, Jess Bradley. The first book follows Lola going from primary to secondary school with her best friend.
Guy Bass
 & Alessia Trunfio
Chapter book
The year was Something Something. Humans had spread like peanut butter across the galaxy, looking for new planets to call Somewhere. One of those planets was Somewhere Five One Three.When the humans arrive on Somewhere 513, they discover that the robots sent to prepare the planet for Humanity’s arrival have chosen to keep it for themselves. Only one robot remains loyal – K1-NG, aka King of the Robots. But even with the most powerful robot on their side, the outlawed humans don’t stand a chance.Ten years on, Gnat and her sister Paige are the only humans left and have spent their lives hidden underground. Now they must venture out in search of the one robot that stood by the humans. There’s just one problem – the once mighty K1-NG has vowed never to help another human for as long as he lives…

Mel Taylor-Bessent
 & Selom Sunu
Chapter book
The Christmariffic Carrolls hit NEW YORK! Funny festive middle grade from the founder of Authorfy, perfect for 8+ fans of Matt Haig, Ben Miller, Sibeal Pounder’s Tinsel, and the Nativity! filmsThe Christmas-crazy Carrolls are back – and this time, they’re in NEW YORK!Holly and her family are about to lead the famous Christmas parade in New York City! But there’s a hitch. They have been invited to join the EXCLUSIVE Christmas Club, whose members are among the MOST CHRISTMASSY FAMILIES IN THE WORLD. They simply have to follow the mysterious White Reindeer to find the Christmas Club’s secret headquarters in Manhattan. But when the White Reindeer shows up in the MIDDLE of the Christmas parade, the Carrolls are faced with a dilemma . . . Should they stay, or should they go?With loveable New York characters, a mystery surrounding Holly’s mum Snow’s real name, and a new little furry friend, this book is a CHRISTMAS CRACKER!
Katie Kirby
Chapter book
From hilarious bestselling author, Katie Kirby, comes a brand-new Lottie Brooks story. This time it's CHRISTMAS!!!Dear Santa,For Christmas this year, I would like:Two hundred KitKat chunkies (full-size not multipack) Baby Bella to stop shouting 'BUM' in public spaces A new brother who doesn't fart on me and call it a 'tasty air biscuit' Antoine or Daniel (I can't decide!) to surprise me on Christmas Day with a grand romantic gesture Cash (lots of it!) A new diary (I'm really getting through them!)Lots of love,Lottie xxxPS. Please could you put a chocolate orange instead of a real orange in my stocking this year?Lottie Brooks LOVES Christmas - there's presents, all the KitKat Chunkys you can eat AND no school for two weeks! But this year, Christmas might be a bit more chaotic than usual. The whole Brooks family are visiting for the festive break (along with some surprise visitors . . .), there's a Secret Santa to organise, and the hammies won't stop attacking Gavin, the Elf on the Shelf!Will Lottie survive the festivities intact or will she have to hide in the fort of shame until it's all over?
Rob Wilsher
 & Sophie Williams
Excavating four billion years of history from the ground beneath our feet!Over the past four billion years, life on our planet has evolved from microscopic single-celled organisms to the incredible array of flora and fauna today. In the course of this time, layer upon layer of life was buried in sediment, turning into a fossilised record of the planet’s history.This highly-illustrated, large-format book looks at all the incredible things that scientists have learned from the fossil record: The ways in which continents have drifted, merged and fragmented again. The life forms that have evolved and the great extinction events that wiped them out. Clear, concise texts are accompanied by Sophie Williams’ warm and entertaining illustrations, making this a book to cherish and return to. A worthy follow-on from Earth-Shattering Events.
Pippa Goodhart
 & Nick Sharratt
Make up your own Christmas adventure where YOU CHOOSE what happens. Which Christmas jumper would you like to wear? Which job would you choose to do in Santa's workshop? Where would you like to sleep on Christmas Eve?The possibilities are infinite in this magical storytelling toolkit which will inspire children age 3 and upwards to make their own stories again and again - a brilliantly festive sequel to YOU CHOOSE, YOU CHOOSE YOUR DREAMS and YOU CHOOSE IN SPACE.Readers love the YOU CHOOSE series!
Michael Rosen
 & Daniel Egneus
The Cold is coming, and it’s time for Big Bear and Little Bear to get ready for the Big Sleep: for bears sleep all winter long, and wake up in the spring. But Little Bear is worried. What if they run out of dreams during the Big Sleep?And so, Little Bear sets out bravely to find enough dreams to see them through the long winter. On his journey, he discovers dreams of happiness; dreams of homecoming; and dreams of hope.But with the Cold approaching fast, will Little Bear make it back home in time for the Big Dreaming?A resonant and uplifting tale from a master storyteller, The Big Dreaming is a classic in the making, filled with luminous illustrations by award-winning Daniel Egnéus.

Rachel Bright
 & Jim Field
High on a misty mountainside, red panda cubs Popo and Ketu live happily with their mama. As the sisters grow, they promise that they will ALWAYS stay close to home. But while Popo is content to stay in the family's cosy treetop nest, bold Ketu dreams of excitement and exploration. And so when Ketu creeps off down the mountain in search of adventure, Popo must make a choice: will she keep her promise to Mama, or look after her sister?An epic tale about family, love and the power of keeping a promise.

New Children's Books for November 2023

M.G. Leonard
 &  Penny Neville-Lee
Chapter book
M. G. Leonard, the award-winning bestselling author of the Adventures on Trains series and Twitch, dazzles in this future classic with a powerful message at its core. Gorgeously illustrated in black-and-white throughout by Penny Neville-Lee this hardback is a perfect gift for boys and girls of 8-12.At the stroke of midnight on the dawn of December, five-year-old Finn Albedo is found frozen in the city park standing on a pedestal of ice. His heart is beating, he is smiling serenely, but no one can wake him.Finn’s big sister, Bianca, suspects that the beautiful sparkling book Finn got from the library has something to do with it, but the book has vanished. Does the tall mysterious stranger who first discovered Finn know more than they will admit?Each day, more children are found frozen and Bianca realizes she’s running out of time. Her quest to discover the truth and rescue her little brother hurls her into a fantastical winter wonderland, full of beauty and danger, where all is not as it seems.Can Bianca save her brother and the other Ice Children before they are forever lost?
Michael Rosen
 & Vivane Schwarz
Chapter book
A funny and fantastical adventure from former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen and award-winning illustrator Viviane Schwarz.Gaston le Dog longs to return to the beautiful beach he remembers from years ago. So he sets off on an adventure – but mystery and danger lurk at every turn, and Gaston will need all the help he can get from the friends he meets along the way. But can they all be trusted? And will Gaston’s odyssey bring him everything he hoped for? This playful new tale from national treasure Michael Rosen sprinkles myth, magic and fairy tale to create a brilliant story, illustrated by award-winning artist Viviane Schwarz, perfect for fans of the Grimwood series.

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