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Fundraise for Book Packs for Your School

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Do you want to gain books for your school but need funds?

BooksForTopics has partnered with Support Your School to help schools fund book packs to boost reading for pleasure.

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Our Book Packs

Here at BooksForTopics, we believe in the power of Reading for Pleasure.

Our Year Group Recommended Reading lists are among the most popular booklists on our website, as they provide reading for pleasure recommendations for each primary school year group.

Schools can already purchase full sets of the books via Peters – a popular choice to supply classroom libraries and book corners with age-appropriate selections of top-quality books to read for pleasure.

An Easy Fundraising Platform For You

We recognise that not all schools are in a position to purchase the new books that will make a difference to children’s reading for pleasure, and that’s why we’re offering an easy way for schools to raise funds for your book packs.

We have partnered with Support Your School to help schools fundraise for full year group sets to support reading for pleasure in each year group.  Schools can also use the platform to raise funds for other packs of books from our website – simply set your own target, share your campaign and receive the books when you hit the target.

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How it works

1. Create Your Free School’s Fundraising Page – 

Register with Support Your School and set up your school’s fundraising page.  Decide which BooksForTopics year group book packs you wish to raise funds for, aiming for a £400 target per year group set. You’ll get a dedicated URL where people can donate directly online and see your campaign’s real-time progress.

2. Share Your Fundraising Campaign –

Share your campaign with parents and local businesses. Use our handy letter templates below to spread the word and explain the benefits of receiving 50 high-quality reading books for your year groups.  Remember to make the most of your school’s website and social media to spread the word, and include the link to your school’s fundraising page to make it super easy for your community to donate online.

3. Reach Your Target and Enjoy Your Bookpacks –

Once you hit your campaign target, you can receive those much-needed reading for pleasure resources for your school. The books have been selected by the experts at BooksForTopics and will be supplied to your school by Peters, the UK’s leading specialist children’s book supplier to schools and academies.


It’s a win-win! The Support Your School platform is free to use and unlike other fundraising platforms, it never takes a cut of the funds you’ve raised. Your school gets 100% of the benefits in amazing books to boost reading for pleasure – and it doesn’t cost your school a penny. 

Simply sign up, share your page, reach the fundraising target and receive your books! 

Fundraising for BooksForTopics Packs via Support Your School: Frequently Asked Questions ​

What is Support Your School?

Support Your School is a free fundraising platform for schools. Registered schools can raise money through donations from the local community to support their literacy and reading for pleasure mission.

What are the Recommended Read year group packs?

Raise funds to purchase the official BooksForTopics Year Group Recommended Reads packs of 50 titles picked by BooksForTopics’ panel of children’s book experts, teachers and librarians. With the recommended read bookpacks, you can boost reading for pleasure in your school by making available high-quality and appealing texts specially chosen for each primary year group – ideal for classroom book corners and libraries.

Each Recommended Read selection contains a variety of reading for pleasure texts selected for the age and stage of the relevant year group. From laugh-out-loud picture books to page-turning chapter books, non-fiction and graphic novels, there’s something every pupil can enjoy. The packs have been chosen by the experts at BooksForTopics and will be delivered to your school by Peters.

Imagine the excitement on your pupils’ faces when they get to explore the set of brand-new books from the 50 Recommended Reads selections for their year group.

Choose from packs for Preschool, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, or Year 6 – or aim high and raise funds for all eight packs.

How does Support Your School work?

There is no cost for your school, and your school can spend 100% of the funds raised on books to boost children’s reading for pleasure. After registering for an account, you can start fundraising by setting up a new campaign page. Your school will have its own fundraising webpage to share, where parents, community members and local businesses can donate online.

Once you’ve hit the target, you can order your recommended read packs to be sent directly to your school for your pupils to enjoy.

Who supplies the books we are fundraising for?

Support your school is a trading subsidiary of Peters Limited, the UK’s leading specialist supplier of children’s books and furniture to schools, academies, public libraries and multi-academy trusts. 

The team at Peters are passionate about inspiring children and young people to read. Once your fundraising target has been achieved, the order will be placed with Peters, who will supply and deliver the bookpacks to your school.

The expert bookpacks have been selected by BooksForTopics and the delivery will be fulfilled by Peters. As an affiliate partner, BooksForTopics may earn from qualifying purchases but you will still receive 100% of your fundraised total in book packs. Click here to learn more about our work with affiliate partners.

How can I raise funds once my campaign is live?

Once you’ve created your campaign, you can share it with your community. The link to your school’s online fundraising page can be shared via your school website and social media.

Schools often find that local businesses are more than happy to donate to fundraising campaigns  –  if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. 

We’ve provided some handy letter templates for you to use to send to parents and local businesses, explaining the benefits of the reading-for-pleasure resources you’ll be raising money to receive.

Example fundraising page on Support Your School

How much does our fundraising target need to be?

It depends on how many year group packs your school would like to raise funds for.

The target for each pack of 50 Recommended Reads is £400, which is more than enough to cover the costs. You can select as many year groups as you wish or aim for all eight sets.

Remember – 100% of the money you raise will be used for your school. If you raise more than your target amount, the Support Your School team will contact you to see how you wish to use the additional funds.

Who can create a fundraising campaign?

Each school should have an administrator responsible for creating campaigns and posting updates. The administrator could be a senior leadership team member, business manager, bursar, literacy lead, teacher, librarian or even a member of your PTA.

Head to Support Your School to sign up and start making your free fundraising page.


Are there resources available to support our campaign?

Yes – we have provided letter templates for you to adapt. You can send these to parents and local businesses to raise awareness of your fundraising campaign and ask for donations.

Simply sign up, share your page, reach the fundraising target and receive your books! 

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