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Recommended Children’s Books For Children Age 11

Searching for good books for 11-year-olds? Welcome to our curated list of recommended reads for children aged 11, chosen by experts.

This guide to recommended books for eleven-year-olds to read has been put together to help parents, teachers, and anyone on the lookout for riveting reads for tweens. Our reviewed list spans various genres and themes, striking a balance between entertainment and education at the developmental level of children aged 11.

Whether you’re on the hunt for fantasy worlds filled with magical creatures, relatable stories about growing up or transitioning schools, or laugh-out-loud illustrated stories to engage more reluctant readers, our list is designed to help 11-year-olds discover their next read. From popular series like Murder Most Unladylike to action-packed historical adventures like Wolf Brother and giggle-worthy adventures like A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy, our top 20 picks will appeal to a wide range of tastes among 11-year-olds.

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Get lost in the imaginative world of the Fan Brothers: a place you’ll want to revisit again and again.

“Something was happening on Grimloch Lane. Something good.”

One day, William discovers that the tree outside his window has been sculpted into a wise owl. Each day, more topiaries appear, each one more beautiful than the last. Soon, William’s grey little town is full of colour and life. And, though the mysterious night gardener disappears as suddenly as he appeared, William and his town are changed forever. With breathtaking illustrations and spare, sweet text, this masterpiece about enjoying the beauty of nature is sure to become an instant classic.

A best-selling picture book about an orphan whose life is transformed by a mysterious night gardener bringing colour and life to his town.

Chapter book

A hilarious and action-packed new graphic novel following a feline secret agent who will do whatever it takes to save the world – even if it means destroying a few things along the way.

The Super-Secret Spy Service’s mission is to keep the world safe from maniacal villains. And Agent 9 is one of its best operatives. Although Nine always manages to complete the mission, there is occasionally some collateral damage (like the priceless Pigasso painting that was destroyed while foiling an art heist). So Agent 9 is now on probation.

But when bumbling supervillain King Crab manages to overtake S4 head­quarters, there is no one else to turn to. Nine – along with a robotic partner named FiN – is all that stands between King Crab and his diabolical plans to melt the polar ice caps and build a massive water park. Can Agent 9 prove to be the right cat for the job by overcoming impulsive behaviour and saving the world from a complete flood-a-geddon?

A high-octane new series, perfect for fans of BUNNY VS MONKEY and THE BAD GUYS!

Chapter book

Kristen Gudsnuk takes readers on a magical adventure about friendship in this fourth and final installment of her imaginative Making Friends series. No magic. No sketchbook. No friends. Again?!

Dany’s magical sketchbook has steered most of her middle-school life so far – it even helped create her best friend, Madison. But now that the sketchbook is gone, and Madison with it, Dany’s back to being a loner.

Then one day, Dany tunes in to the new hit TV show My Magical Best Friend, and it’s starring her magical best friend, Madison! The show is clearly based on Dany’s life, and she watches it regularly with a mix of horror and fascination.

But lately there’s something else about the show that’s captured her attention: Madison seems to be dropping hints for Dany to come rescue her.

With no magical sketchbook at her fingertips, can Dany find a way to save her best friend?

An epic adventure filled with fun, magic and friendship Brought to life in glorious full-colour by author and comic book creator, Kristen Gudsnuk.

The brilliant final book in the Making Friends series.


Inspiring poems to connect with nature.
This collection of 50 poems will spark a love of nature, bring calm and happiness and let the outside in.

Beautifully illustrated, it is filled with poems for children to read alone or enjoy with the whole family.

With poems about the seasons, senses, wildlife, weather and the joys of mud, it’s the perfect gift book for children to treasure.

From poet, Daniel Thompson, author of Being You: Poems of Positivity – 2023 City Kids Green Awards Winner and selected for the Reading Agency’s 2023 Summer reading challenge.

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Chapter book

Josh is such a worrier. He worries about everything. Water slides. School. Global warming. Sleepovers. But he knows something is really wrong when his mum and dad begin to act strangely… His family is moving to Brighton and he must start a new school with new teachers, new pupils and new everything!

He used to have his own Worrybot – a home-made cardboard robot which was supposed to eat up his worst fears if he wrote them down on bits of paper and posted them into its mouth. It did help a bit … but now Josh is terrified that his anxiety will return when he starts at his new school. And he is more than a bit surprised to discover that there’s a robot in his new class – a real-life learning robot which sits on the desk next to his and allows classmate Charlie to join lessons remotely. Soon Charlie becomes Josh’s best – perhaps his only – friend.

Will Charlie’s friendship help Josh overcome his fears, or will it just give nasty Noah more reasons to make fun of him? And why won’t Charlie come to school anyway?

A suspenseful story of emotional high stakes that will appeal to fans of Lisa Thompson, Ross Welford and Elle McNicoll.

Chapter book

An action-packed new adventure series from Blue Peter Award-winning author Kieran Larwood and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winner Joe Todd Stanton. Young readers will love discovering the world of the Dungeon Runners!

CALLING ALL DUNGEON RUNNERS – There’s space for a new team of heroes. This is your chance to enter the leagues and fight your way to the top!

Kit has dreamed of being a Dungeon Runner all his life, although being a gnorf (part gnome, part dwarf) means he’s much smaller than the other competitors.

But when a space opens up for a new team in the Dungeon Running League, Kit doesn’t want to miss this chance to try out! With his new friends Sandy and Thorn, they’re ready to take on anything – mazes, puzzles, monsters, treasure and most of all adventure!

Are you ready for the games to begin? Welcome to the Dungeon!

Chapter book

JOIN THE TEAM. SAVE THE WORLD. Twin geniuses Jacob and Kira are recruited to take part in a high-tech mission to protect the planet … but will their dreams of adventure come true, or is the threat too great to handle?

Jacob and Kira live in the heart of Mbale, Uganda with their conservationist mother and navigate life as unsuspecting geniuses; Kira with hopes to explore outside the hot terrains of Uganda, and conspiracy theorist Jacob, whose fear often holds him back from the answers he so desperately wants to uncover.

But when they discover that someone has been watching their every move in the hopes to enlist them in a top-secret agency called Transcendent, their lives are turned upside down.

Soon the twins are hurtled from the luscious landscapes of Mbale, to the sleek streets of London, where – alongside other selected protegees – they must undertake three rigorous trials, each more difficult than the last, to be accepted into Transcendent. If they are successful, they will be launched into space to complete a high-stakes mission to fight the greatest threat the world has ever seen.

Only, the twins soon realise they have more to contend with than they bargained for … is there a more sinister reason they have been chosen?

Two kids, one top-secret agency and an epic mission to save the world.


A marvellous new collection of poems by Joshua Seigal, two-time winner of the Laugh Out Loud Awards – the UK’s only prize for funny children’s books. Someone has let the words out… and they’re going to have some fun!

‘Joshua Seigal is definitely my new favourite poet.’ Books for Keeps ‘Joshua Seigal is a rising star in the children’s poetry world…’ lovereading4kids

In this brand new collection of poems words take on a whole new meaning; enter a world of creative word play with silly, funny and downright hilarious poems! With poems about cuddling tigers, pesky pet fleas and even what to do if your teacher is ever turned into a chicken, Who Let the Words Out? is a must-have for imaginative young readers aged 7+. Joshua Seigal is a two-time-winner of the Laugh Out Loud awards (also known as the Lollies) in 2020 with I Bet I Can Make You Laugh and in 2023 with Yapping Away.

Chapter book

Lola can’t believe her luck – the rabbit she’s rescued is actually a fairy in disguise. Now she has her very own fairy! There’s just one problem. Larch, the rebellious fairy she’s rescued, is convinced that Lola is her human…

But while Larch and Lola discuss the merits of snail slime for breakfast and try to decide who should be in charge, there’s a bad fairy on the loose. Evil Euphorbia Spurge wants magic, and Larch is full of it. Soon it’s a battle of wits, wands and fairy wings as the new friends take on the wildest fairy in the woods…

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Lola and Larch is a heart-warming, funny celebration of friendship. It’s the perfect series for 7+ readers who like fairies, magic, and very naughty rabbits!

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