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Shadow Fox

Book Synopsis

A beautiful story of loss and belonging, all told through the eyes of a wild, affectionate, prickly fox who has a love of collecting shoes and not a small amount of magic. From the bestselling author of I, Cosmo.

Bee’s family runs a lakeside inn, offering rest and sustenance to weary travellers. Bee’s Nan has gone missing, possibly drowned, but Bee knows that can’t be true. And so does the hungry fox that her grandmother was feeding. Shadow is cross that her supply of salmon has dried up and is determined to do something about it. Soon both fox and child are on an adventure to find Nan, uncover what’s happening to all the secret islands on the Great Lake and learn just how far magical powers can take you…

Our Review Panel says...

Shadow Fox is a surreal and unusual tale from Carlie Sorosiak, who has become known for animal-themed middle-grade stories that explore deeper human themes like grief, mental health or loneliness.

Told through the eyes of a female fox, the story takes the reader on an adventure through place to a mysterious island. Unbeknownst to the fox, she possesses magical powers which the islanders hope to tap into. Set in the  Great Lakes in Minnesota and their islands, there is a strong sense of place in the detail within this story; the harshness of the environment is tangible.

Like the author’s previous stories, the magical animal character at the centre is the star of the show and in this story, the fox teams up with a young girl called Beatrice, whose nan has disappeared. I liked the quirky details of the fox’s personality; their love for their cuddly toy and their obsession with socks as well as the additional surreal details of the fox’s ability to conjure up miniature foxes, bean tins and other random objects.

The dream-like action and twists and turns make this story suitable for mature readers who can handle a more challenging narrative structure and are able to suspend their disbelief and run with the story. The fox embodies the magical power of the wilderness and the need to protect nature. The environmental messages behind the narrative aim to raise awareness regarding the fragility of natural resources.

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Shadow Fox

shadow fox

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