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The thrilling first book in the most extraordinary new fantasy series of 2023.

Open the door to a spellbinding world where the wilderness is alive and a deep magic rises from the earth itself . . .

Daisy Thistledown has recently escaped from boarding school and has a mystery to solve. Her search for her missing mother will lead her across London and through a hidden doorway to another world, bursting with magic: the Greenwild.

But all is not well in this astonishing land. Before long Daisy finds herself confronting a dangerous presence that threatens green magic on both sides of the door. Daisy must band together with a botanical genius, a boy who can talk to animals and a cat with an attitude, to channel the power that can revive the Greenwild and find her missing mother – and save her own world too.

Prepare to embark on a unforgettable adventure through the Greenwild, beautifully illustrated by Elisa Paganelli.

Our Review Panel says...

Pari Thomson’s debut novel takes the reader into an imaginary world of nature, mystery and magic.

This gripping tale weaves through the many adventures and challenges of Daisy Thistledown, who discovers the spellbinding world of Greenwild, following the strange disappearance of her mother. When entering a hidden doorway, Daisy is faced with a mysterious, yet magical setting, where she is acquainted with milk chocolate trees, zither roots and a rare, but deadly, ghost-moth orchid. Here, while grieving from a terrible loss, she creates precious friendships which go on to change the world she thought she knew to a different place entirely.

While juggling solving the mystery of her mother’s disappearance, Daisy attempts to learn green magic and navigate the land of Greenwild as much larger, darker mysteries begin to unfold. Not all is as it first seems in Greenwild, and the author has seamlessly created a tale brimming with twists and turns.

This book will leave the reader scratching their head with curiosity, on the edge of their seat with shock and sobbing with heartbreak by the end of their journey through ‘The World Behind the Door’. Thomson creates an incredible balance between the luscious, botanical beauty described, and that of deep evil and darkness; her imagination is truly commendable. Readers of Greenwild will not be left disappointed as they experience a journey of friendship, growth and good vs evil. I would highly recommend this for Upper KS2 readers and adults alike, in a book that teaches us that ‘Nature is wilder and stranger than you know, more miraculous than you can imagine’.

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