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Stone Age to Iron Age children's books

From stone circles and woolly mammoths to hill forts and roundhouses, the Stone Age to Iron Age history topic is such an interesting one to dig into. We've put together a list of recommended children's books to help transport readers back to prehistoric times...

Stone Age children's books: Stone Age Boy
Stone Age Boy
Satoshi Kitamura
Picture book

This engaging picture book tells the story of a boy who falls down a hole to find himself back in time 15,000 years. He wakes in a prehistoric camp and finds out about life in a Stone Age village.


Stone Age Boy is a hugely popular book with lower KS2 classes and helps to encourage children to engage with how life might have been different during Stone Age times. Extra facts and information are peppered throughout. There is also an accompanying 2-week English unit available from KS2History. 

Stone Age children's books: Stig of the Dump.png
Stig of the Dump
Clive King
Chapter book

Stig of the Dump is a classic children's novel about a young boy called Barney who encounters a strange cave dwelling creature called Stig. Stig takes Barney on a series of fantastic adventures into prehistoric times.

This text is superb as a class reader or for a literacy unit. There is also an accompanying Read & Respond (click to see on Amazon) book to help teachers with planning. 

Stone Age children's books: The Boy with the Bronze Axe.png
The Boy with the Bronze Axe
Kathleen Fidler
Chapter book

If you are looking for a class text about the Bronze Age, this is the one for you. Set in the Scottish settlement of Skara Brae, The Boy with the Bronze Axe is a well-researched story filled with exciting challenges and mysteries. Perfect for confident readers or as a class novel.

Stone Age children's books: The Stone Age: Hunters, Gatherers and Wo
The Stone Age: Hunters, Gatherers and Woolly Mammoths
Marcia Williams
Comic-style information book

Marcia Williams embraces the Stone Age topic with her distinctive comic-book style. This informative text covers a range of sub-topics including prehistoric animals, hunter-gathers and Stone Age tools. This is a book with a high level of visual appeal and is particularly popular for engaging reluctant readers.

Stone Age children's books: How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley
Picture book

A whimsical and quirky picture book doubling as an instruction manual for the 'mammoth' task of washing this prehistoric beast. This is a humorous and creative text and a brilliant way into instruction writing. There is an accompanying 2-week English unit from KS2History. 

Stone Age children's books: Wolf Brother.png
Wolf Brother
Michelle Paver
Chapter book

This gripping children's novel takes us back in time 6000 years as twelve-year-old Torak and his wolf cub journey through the prehistoric landscape.
Wolf Brother is a real page-turner that uses the structure of an adventure story and majors on the theme of good versus evil in a prehistoric setting. Highly recommended for more confident readers or upper KS2 pupils.

Stone Age children's books: Wild Way Home.png
The Wild Way Home
Sophie Kirtley
Chapter book

A wildly heartfelt timeslip adventure that takes readers back to the Stone Age to explore themes of family, courage, loss and what it means to be human.

Charlie lives in modern times, but after hearing very bad news about a new sibling, Charlie flees to the forest and is transported in time to a Stone Age forest. This is an exciting narrative that will be lapped up by mature readers who are ready for a roller coaster of adrenaline and who can handle difficult themes. Most suitable for Upper KS2.

Stone Age children's books: Stonehenge.png
The Secrets of Stonehenge
Mick Manning & Brita Granström
Information book

The Secrets of Stonehenge is a fascinating information text full of images, questions and captions that probe deeply into the mysteries of Stonehenge. This engaging non-fiction text is easy to understand, visually appealing and bursting with interesting facts and theories about the mysteries of Stonehenge.

Stone Age children's books: The First Drawing.png
The First Drawing
Mordicai Gerstein
Picture book

A story set in the Stone Age that explores how the first drawing could have come to be, based on real discoveries made in the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc in France, which contains some of the oldest known cave drawings made 30,000 years ago. A free educator's guide is also available.

Iron Age children's books: Pitch invasion.png
Defenders: Pitch Invasion
Tom Palmer
Chapter Book (dyslexia friendly)

In the ‘Defenders’ series, best-selling author Tom Palmer brings together his passions for football and history in haunting stories that are ‘super-readable’ due to their accessible layout including a dyslexia-friendly font and tinted paper. In this story, a boy called Seth encounters visions of severed heads raised high on spikes surrounding an Iron Age hill fort. Seth discovers that the heads were a means of keeping intruders out of the hill fort in Iron Age times and must find a way to face the horrors of the past that echo through the ages. 

Stone Age children's books: The History Detective Investigates: Ston
The History Detective Investigates: Stone Age to Iron Age
Clare Hibbert
Information Book

An accessible information text designed especially for the National Curriculum, this is a text pitched for teachers and pupils of lower KS2. Taking an investigative approach to history, The History Detective Investigates Stone Age to Iron Age examines key questions and pieces of evidence from the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages in order to build a picture of life in prehistoric times.

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