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Books About Girls’ Football

best books about girls and womens football

Following the meteoric rise in popularity of girls’ and women’s football over the past few years, we are delighted to bring you this list of the best children’s books featuring girls’ and women’s football teams. From historical fiction to non-fiction texts written by some of today’s brightest footballing stars, this list has something to offer […]

The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks

the extremely embarrassing life of Lottie brooks

Not only is she about to start high school without any friends or glamorous swooshy hair, she’s just discovered she’s too flat-chested to wear a bra. She might as well give up now and go into hibernation with her hamsters Sir Barnaby Squeakington and Fuzzball the Third. Lottie navigates the perils of growing up in […]

Northern Lights

His dark materials

Lyra Belacqua and her animal daemon live half-wild and carefree among scholars of Jordan College, Oxford. The destiny that awaits her will take her to the frozen lands of the Arctic, where witch-clans reign and ice-bears fight. Her extraordinary journey will have immeasurable consequences far beyond her own world…

Running Out of Time

running out of time

A thrilling, unputdownable debut, with extraordinary twists and incredible action, from an incredible new voice in children’s fiction. When Alex and his father are forced to flee their home to escape a brutal government, they begin a life-threatening journey across Europe. But when they are separated before they can reach Britain, Alex finds himself alone, […]

The Tiger Who Sleeps Under My Chair

tiger who sleeps under my chair

London, 1880s: High up under the eaves of her father’s townhouse, twelve-year-old Emma Linden lives and never goes out. Her dream is to follow in the footsteps of Mary Anning, the famous fossil hunter. But Emma is kept hidden away from all the world, science and study, the tools that keep her mind well. When […]

Tom’s Midnight Garden

Tom's Midnight Garden

This entrancing and magical story is one of the best-loved classic children’s books and is a top choice for Year 6. When Tom is sent to stay at his aunt and uncle’s house for the summer, he resigns himself to endless weeks of boredom. As he lies awake in his bed he hears the grandfather […]

Christmas KS2

Best Christmas Books for Children Aged 7-11 Our list of the best children’s books about Christmas features books that celebrate the joy of the festive season, as well as stories about being kind to others, celebrating with loved ones and enjoying the magic of Christmas eve. Get into the festive spirit with our hand-picked recommendations […]

Poetry for Year 5 & Year 6

Best poetry books for Upper KS2

Best Poetry Books for Upper KS2 (Ages 9-11) Introduce your Year 5 and 6 children to a range of poets with our selection of poetry books for Upper KS2. From classic poems and nature verses to laugh-out-loud rhymes and award-wining collections, we’ve picked out a range of our favourite books that encourage a love of poetry for children aged […]

Year 6: 50 Recommended Reads

best books for year 6

​50 Best Books for Year 6 (Ages 10-11) *NEWLY UPDATED* Welcome to BooksForTopics’ recommended reading list for Year 6. If you’re looking for a list of the best books for children in Year 6, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts has selected a list of the 50 best books for children aged 10-11. […]

KS2 Booklists (Ages 7-11)

Booklists for KS2

Booklists for Children in Key Stage 2 In educational settings in England and Wales, Key Stage 2 (KS2) usually refers to children in school Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (ages 7-11). Our selection of recommended booklists for children in KS2 covers everything from storytime favourites and top graphic novels to popular curriculum topics like […]

Storytime Favourites: Year 5 and Year 6 (Ages 9-11)

Storytime favourite class read-alouds Year 5 and 6

Best Storytime Chapter Books for Upper KS2 We have selected a list of storytime favourites for Year 5 and Year 6 (ages 9-11), which includes books that are particularly well suited for being read out loud. From the best class readers to favourite bedtime stories, browse our list of books that are brilliant for capturing the magic […]

Diverse & Inclusive Books for Upper KS2

diverse and inclusive books for Upper KS2

Best Diverse Books for Years 5 and 6 We have selected a list of recommended diverse and inclusive books for children in Year 5 and Year 6 (ages 9-11), which feature characters that are traditionally under-represented in children’s books. This list of the best diverse books for children in Upper Key Stage 2 includes books […]

Books For Readers Who Love Sci-Fi

Tom Huddleston shares his sci-fi recommendations. My futuristic adventure story FloodWorld and its sequel DustRoad are set centuries from today, in a world reeling from the effects of climate change. I’ve always loved sci-fi stories, from intergalactic action to time-travel tales to speculative fiction about humanity’s future. Here are five of my favourites for younger […]

Detective Stories For Children

From murder mysteries to crimes to crack, detective fiction remains a popular genre with children in Key Stage 2. Katherine Woodfine – author of The Taylor & Rose Secret Agents series – shares her recommendations of the best books for children who love detective stories.

Reluctant Readers Upper KS2

Books for reluctant readers Upper KS2

Best Books for Reluctant Readers in Years 5 and 6 For parents and teachers, there is such an enormous amount of pressure (and often a strong desire) to guide every child successfully through the process of learning to read – while making sure it’s fun, enjoyable and a learning journey that will lead to a […]

Books About India

Books about India

Joan Haig (author of Tiger Skin Rug) picks out five recommended children’s books featuring India.

Books Featuring Limb Difference

Susan Brownrigg, author of Gracie Fairshaw and the Mysterious Guest (available here), has picked some recommended children’s books featuring children with limb difference – which is the partial or complete absence of individual limbs.

Books About The Football World Cup

10 recommendations for World Cup themed books

As the football World Cup approaches, we are delighted to host a guest post from best selling author Tom Palmer. In this guest booklist, Tom discusses his top 10 recommendations for World Cup themed books to inspire reading among young football fans. Reading for pleasure often begins with what the reader is passionate about. For […]

Books About Being on Stage

Laura Wood, author of The Animals of Madame Malone’s Music Hall, has picked her top five recommended books for children and teens about being on stage. Laura’s new book explores the topic of helping to save a music hall – and despite being written pre-pandemic, its publication comes at a time when local theatres need […]

Graphic Novels for Upper KS2

Best graphic novels for ages 9-11

Booklist: Best Graphic Novels for Ages 9-11 Graphic novels are longer stories written and illustrated in the style of a comic, combining a sequence of engaging visual elements that drive the plot, coupled with short pockets of text in the form of captions and dialogue. The format has seen a burst in popularity in recent […]

Picturebooks for Upper KS2

Recommended Picturebooks for Upper KS2

Booklist: Picturebooks for Years 5 and 6  Picturebooks are brilliant for all ages in primary schools and are not to be left behind in EYFS and KS1 libraries alone. Shared with older children, the best picturebooks can allow children and adults to share a reading common experience made up of the interplay between the visual […]

Y6 Transition

Year 6 Transition Booklist All year round, Year 6 pupils across the country are thinking about the big move to their next school. On this booklist, we have picked a selection of recommended books for children in Year 6 preparing for the transition to secondary school, high school or college. The books cover topics of transition, […]

Politics & Democracy

Politics and Democracy Booklist Discussions about politics and general elections can be confusing for children (and adults!) at the best of times. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best children’s books about politics, including both fiction and non-fiction books that explore themes of parliament, elections, democracy and political systems.

Books Set in The Middle Ages

Medieval Britain is a fascinating period to study, yet many school libraries are lacking in stories set during this time. Barbara Henderson – author of The Siege of Caerlaverock – has picked out her top five recommended children’s books set in the Middle Ages.

Computing, Gaming & Coding

Children’s books about gaming, computing and coding We’ve put together a list of books for young readers interested in computers and video games. There is an increasing thirst for books on this topic, which holds such a high interest to many young readers. Level up your reading collection with our selection of the best books […]

Space Topic (KS2)

Recommended space books for children The topic of space is always a big hit with primary school children, who love to learn facts about the solar system and imagine the infinite possibilities of what lies beyond our galaxy. In KS2 Science, children learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon and how their movement affects our days, […]

Plants & Trees Topic (KS2)

Plants and Trees Topic Booklist What makes ‘plants and trees’ such a fascinating science topic at KS2? Perhaps because trees are among the longest-living organisms on Earth and come in so many different shapes and sizes. Or maybe it’s because trees have been found to communicate to each other, or perhaps it’s the way that […]

Animals Topic (KS2)

Recommended children’s books about the animal kingdom Animal books have always been wildly popular with children, ever since the very first children’s books were printed. In Science at KS2, children learn about animal life cycles, habitats, classification, survival and adaption, looking at different types of animals from around the globe. From marvellous mammals and brilliant […]

Healthy Humans Topic (KS2)

Best Children’s Books about Healthy Human Bodies Learning to look after our bodies is an important part of growing up and, as we can’t easily see inside our own bodies, high-quality children’s books about human bodies can play a key part in developing biological understanding in children. In KS2 science, children learn about the human […]

Oceans & Seas Topic (KS2)

Oceans and Seas Topic Booklist Welcome to the Blue Abyss topic! Spanning aspects of Geography and Science, the topic of oceans and seas is a popular one in primary schools. At KS2, children learn about the physical features of the sea, layers of the ocean, sea explorers, ocean habitats, marine wildlife and the theme of […]

USA Topic

USA Topic Booklist Get ready for a road trip across the USA! Take in the sights and sounds of America, from skyscrapers and statues to canyons and coastlines. Learn about the varied geography of the 50 states of America, influential people from history and native American folklore. We’ve got the topic covered with our handpicked […]

Rainforests Topic

Rainforest Topic Booklist Rainforests are warm, wet and dense forest habitats and are filled with millions of types of plants and animals (including some yet to be discovered!). Rainforest expeditions can easily capture the imaginations of young readers. From canopies and capybaras to epiphytes and explorers, we’ve got it covered in our selection of the […]

Natural Disasters Topic

Best children’s books about natural disasters Natural disasters are usually naturally caused phenomena relating to severe weather changes or geological events. These disasters can happen across the globe and many schools help children to understand the events by planning a related geography topic for pupils to explore in Key Stage 2. From tsunamis and tornadoes […]

Rivers, Coasts and Water Topic

Best children’s books about rivers, coasts and water A river is a large, natural stream of flowing water that usually flows out to sea. The topics of rivers, coasts and water are components of the National Curriculum in primary schools, covering aspects of both Science and Geography. From erosion and tributaries to precipitation and the […]

Awesome Planet Earth Topic

Awesome Planet Earth Topic Booklist Our incredible Planet Earth is home to a myriad of plants, animals and people. Filled with a remarkable diversity of ecosystems, habitats and natural wonders, there’s plenty to inspire curious readers. From mountains and deserts to oceans and waterfalls, take a trip around the globe to explore the Earth’s wonders […]

Mountains and Volcanoes Topic

Best Books For a Mountains and Volcanoes Topic  Mountains are areas of land that are elevated higher than the land around them, usually formed over millions of years. Volcanoes are openings in the Earth’s crust that can let out gasses, ash and lava. From the mightiest of mountains to the most vicious volcanoes, we’ve put […]

Rocks, Soils and Fossils Topic

Best children’s books about rocks, soils and fossils The study of rocks is known as geology and is a component of the science curriculum in primary schools. From rock cycles and different soil types to exciting discoveries of important fossils, learning about how the ground beneath our feet can tell us more about the world […]

Crime and Punishment Topic

Crime and Punishment Topic Booklist Explore the history of crime and punishment in Britain – from gallows and gangsters to jails and juries. We’ve put together a list of recommended children’s books to support the KS2 topic of how crime and punishment have changed through the ages.

Everest: The Remarkable Story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

In the late morning of May 29th 1953, the sun was shining brightly on the roof of the world, a gentle breeze was blowing and two men were there to witness it for the first time ever … Their names were Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay and the roof of the world was Everest. This […]

Victorians Topic

Victorians Topic Booklist Known as an age of invention and industrial development as well as an era of poverty, child labour and crime, the Victorian period really was a time of great contrasts. We’ve put together a list of the best children’s books about the Victorians – watch out for a colourful cast of characters […]

World War II Topic (WW2)

Best children’s books about World War Two  World War Two was a global conflict that involved numerous countries fighting against each other – including the UK. Lasting between 1939-1945, life during the Second World War was often very difficult, both in the battlefields and on the home front. We’ve picked out a handful of recommended […]

World Civilisations Topic

Children’s books about Benin Kingdom and Early Islamic Civilisation The National Curriculum states that pupils should learn about a non-European society that provides contrasts with British history, including one study chosen from: early Islamic civilisation, Maya civilisation and the Kingdom of Benin. While many schools are familiar with the topic of the Maya (see our […]

Maya Civilisation Topic

Maya Topic Booklist The Maya civilisation topic offers a wealth of interesting history to explore – from impressive pyramids and cities to complex calendars and a rich cultural heritage still prevalent in Central America today. We’ve picked out some of the best books about the Maya suitable for primary school children looking to explore the topic.

Earliest Civilisations Topic

The National Curriculum for history states that pupils in Key Stage 2 should learn about the achievements of the earliest civilizations, including an overview of the first civilizations and a depth study of one of the following: Ancient Sumer; The Indus Valley; Ancient Egypt; The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. While many schools are familiar […]

Tudors Topic

Best Books for the Tudors Topic Plots and playwrights, executions and explorers, monarchs and musicians….there’s no denying that the Tudor topic is one of the most exciting periods in British history to study. We’ve picked out some of our favourite texts suitable for primary school children to help explore the Tudor topic. Look out for […]

Ancient Greece Topic

Ancient Greece Topic Booklist Welcome to the world where monsters and mortals collide! The Ancient Greece topic is full of intriguing stories of gods and heroes as well as the fascinating history of ancient daily life and epic battles. We’ve put together a list of the best children’s books all about the world of the […]

Ancient Egypt Topic

best children's books about egypt

Best Books for the Ancient Egyptians Topic  The topic of Ancient Egypt is a fascinating one, filled with exciting stories about tombs and treasures or codes and curses. Whether it’s the mysteries of the pyramids, the stories of pharaohs or daily life by the Nile, there’s plenty to unearth in our selection of the best children’s books […]

Anglo-Saxons Topic

Best Books for Anglo-Saxon Topics Travel back in time to the invaders and settlers of the Dark Ages and find out more about the intriguing Anglo-Saxon period. From fighting and feasts to riddles and runes, we’ve picked out some of the best children’s books about the Anglo-Saxon topic…

Stone Age to Iron Age Topic

best books for Stone Age to Iron Age topic

Best Books for the Stone Age to Iron Age Topic From stone circles and woolly mammoths to hill forts and roundhouses, the Stone Age to Iron Age history topic is such an interesting one to dig into. We’ve put together a list of the best children’s books about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages to […]

Romans Topic

Best Books for the Romans History Topic  What did the Romans do for us? The answer is a lot! The Romans history topic is a popular one with children, and we’ve put together a list of the best children’s books about the Romans for exploring all sorts of interesting themes, from gladiators and gods to eruptions and […]

Vikings Topic

Best Books for the Vikings Topic From raiders and traders to myths and monsters, the Vikings history topic offers a hoard of fascinating themes to dig into. We’ve put together a list of the best children’s books to help readers take a voyage back in time to the age of the Vikings…

Year 6: 50 Recommended Reads (2021)

Recommended books for Year 6 (Ages 10-11)

​Best Books for Y6 (Ages 10-11) for 2021 We have selected a list of 50 recommended books for children aged 10-11. Find the best books for children in Year 6, including storytime read-alouds, edge-of-your-seat thrillers, issue-based stories, laugh-out-loud books, picturebooks, graphic novels, poetry and non-fiction. We’ve tried to include something for all tastes – but look […]

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