Review: Agatha Oddly - The Secret Key

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Book Title: Agatha Oddly and the Secret Key

Author: Lena Jones

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: June 2018

Most Suitable for: Upper KS2*

Reviewed By: Leanne Woolcock - Year 6 Teacher and English Coordinator

Agatha was born a detective and now, finally, the big break she’s been waiting for seems to finally be hers!

The city of London needs saving from the rancid red algae that has taken over the city’s water supply, causing mayhem. Agatha must use all of her sleuthing novels to solve her biggest case yet, and with the help of her best friend (a professor who is not all she seems) and an ally in the unlikely form of one of the most popular girls at school, she must track down the person behind all of the chaos.

However, Agatha has personal mysteries to solve too and when she finds clues from her late mother which are seemingly linked to the very crime she is trying to solve, she realises she might not only be saving London but saving herself as well.

The first in a brand new series from Lena Jones – this is action packed and perfect for UKS2 children* who like a good whodunnit mystery.

*I would say for children in the latter stages of year 5 and those in year 6 as towards the end there is a chase sequence involving a psychopathic character with a gun which twists the story into a slightly darker plot.

You can order Agatha Oddly and the Secret Key online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Leanne Woolcock for reviewing the book.


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