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Yara’s Chance to Dance

Book Synopsis

Pirouette your way into the Shimmer & Shine dance studio, where the ballet besties are ready to put on a show!

When Yara joins Shimmer & Shine, a community dance school, she meets lots of other children her age, who are there to either start their training or just for the fun of it. Soon she has a group of ballet besties she loves to dance with.

But then Dame Clougston-Wilmott, their grumpy, dance-hating landlady, threatens to close the studio. Suddenly it’s up to Yara and her new friends to keep Shimmer & Shine open!

Will putting on a performance of The Sleeping Beauty reawaken the Dame’s love for dance? Will Yara have the chance to dance her dream role of Aurora? And most importantly of all, can the ballet besties save their studio?

A fun, inclusive and accessible series that will bring the joy of dance to young readers!

Our Review Panel says...

The first in a new inclusive series by Principal Ballerina Yasmine Naghdi and well-known children’s author Chitra Soundar.

Yara wants to become a professional ballerina. Her parents had signed her up for ballet classes at Shimmer and Shine and they even put on a show – but Yara learns that it couldn’t come at the cost of her school lessons.

Yara gets distracted with ballet practising for her lead in Sleeping Beauty. When she forgets to complete her homework or concentrate on her classwork, Miss Diamond and her mum explain that schoolwork is equally important to pursue a career in ballet. Yara’s passion for ballet at first distracts her from school work especially because she gets the lead part in a performance that had so much at stake. But with the help of her friends and timely advice from her teachers and her parents, Yara realises that it’s important to balance both without giving up one or the other.

We also see this through the experiences of her friends, Indu and Dante, too. Indu is not learning ballet because she wants to be a professional dancer. Her hobby might always remain a hobby, but that’s ok too. Dante on the other hand has two passions – football and ballet – while also focussing on his studies and he does make it seem easy to balance them.

This illustrated chapter book will appeal to Lower KS2 children who love dance.


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Yara’s Chance to Dance

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