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Things That Go Bump

Book Synopsis

A wildly entertaining, page-turning, enjoyably scary story for fans of Goosebumps, Gremlins, and Night at the Museum. When Olive and some of her year 6 friends find themselves locked overnight inside Flatpack – a new IKEA-style superstore – they quickly realise that they are not alone. A number of things hitched a ride from the forest where Flatpack sources its wood and in every dark nook, they’ve been multiplying…

After several of the group get themselves dragged off to who knows where, Olive knows she was right all along – monsters are definitely real.

After that, she’s forced to face her fears and come up with a plan:

1) rescue her friends

2) avoid being apprehended by overly efficient store employees,

3) hack into the store’s delivery system and send the monsters back where they came from.

Oh, and don’t get eaten.

Whatever you do, don’t look under the beds. And if you hear a wardrobe creaking open behind you, RUN!

Funny, highly entertaining spooky middle grade packed with monsters and mayhem – for kids who love a good (safe) scream!

Perfect for fans of Jennifer Killick and Goosebumps

Bestselling YA thriller author Kathryn brings her trademark wit, high energy and fiendish plotting to a younger audience.

Our Review Panel says...

Things that Go Bump is funny, high-energy and super-spooky. Kathryn’s writing is engaging and I read the book in a few sittings.

Olive is playing flashlight hide-and-seek with her friend Ada in the new loft conversion full of furniture from the superstore, Flatpack that has to go back due to a horrible smell. Olive finds Ada when they hear scuttling and see a scary shadow. Olive is scared witless and is afraid her friend will make fun of her at school.

However, Ada has been researching Flatpack. Apparently, lots of people have returned smelly furniture and have witnessed ‘shadows’. This story is a good discussion point on how friendships can change. When Olive decides to stand up for herself and not go along with Ada’s new obsession with the Flatpack monsters she hurts Ada’s feelings. Olive makes friends with the new girl, Emily but it’s not the same as her friendship with Ada. When Ada and her new friend, Rubes, sneak into Flatpack for the night on the date of the annual staff party, Emily, Jack and Olive tag along. And thus begins a laugh-out-loud hunt for monsters with spine-tingling scenes. Kathryn Foxfield is brilliant at keeping the tension up and made me read fast until the end.

Not only are the children in danger from the monsters but some scrupulous staff. The twin employees and the Karen supervisor are hilarious. Robin Boyden’s delightful illustrations bring this story to life. ‘Things that Go Bump’ is not overly scary – making it a step up from Goosebumps. Kathryn Foxfield is a clever writer and I loved her twist on the monsters. Readers will enjoy the explanation Kathryn offers, it’s something I’ve not come across before. I think readers, me especially, will never look at a ‘Flatpack’ shop in the same way again.

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Things That Go Bump

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