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Explore the fascinating, rarely heard stories of Black airmen during the First and Second World Wars. The Story of Britain’s Black Airmen celebrates the inspiring contributions of people of African descent to British aviation.

From pilots to ground crew, and with tales from across the globe, the story of Britain’s Black airmen is an important part of the history of flying.

By aiming for the skies, many of them helped to bring about changes that are still making our world a better place.

Includes inspirational key figures such as Cy Grant, Errol Barrow, Sam King and John Henry Smythe

With full-colour illustration by Grenadian illustrator Elizabeth Lander

For readers aged 8+

Chapter book

The fifth fast-paced fantasy adventure starring Aru Shah!

Aru only has until the next full moon to stop the Sleeper from gaining access to the nectar of immortality, which will grant him infinite power. Her quest will have the Pandavas calling on old friends, meeting new allies, and facing fearsome trials, like…performing in a rock concert? When the moment of confrontation finally arrives, it’s up to Aru to decide who deserves immortality, the devas or the asuras. The most unexpected answer will come from a most unexpected place…

Pacy, page-turning storytelling with charm and humour

– movie rights optioned by Paramount. For fans of Jasbinder Bilan, Kwame Mbalia and the Percy Jackson series

Aru Shah and the End of Time (book 1) is a New York Times bestseller. In 2020, it made TIME’s 100 Best Fantasy Books of all Time

Short story collection

Read William Shakespeare’s best-loved plays like never before – a perfect mix of comedy, tragedy, magic and romance, retold for younger readers. Terry Deary’s Best Ever Shakespeare Tales tells you more than just what happens in everyone’s favourite Shakespeare plays – it tells you the stories behind them.

From how the plays were originally staged to what Shakespeare himself might have thought of his work being taught in schools – there’s so much to find out.

Discover more out about:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
King Lear
Twelfth Night
The Tempest
The Merchant of Venice
Romeo and Juliet
Julius Caesar
The Taming of the Shrew

An engaging, easy-to-use and informative collection of Shakespeare’s tales with humorous illustrations.

Chapter book

A high-energy, brilliantly silly, fully illustrated festive adventure story by much-loved actor Stephen Mangan and talented artist Anita Mangan.

It’s Christmas Eve and one of Santa’s reindeers, Dave, is FED UP. He’s stuck behind boastful Rudolph again and a fart-in-the-face is the LAST STRAW.

In the commotion, Santa crash lands on the roof of nine-year-old Holly’s home causing an almighty Christmas lights explosion that blasts the reindeers to far-flung corners of the Earth. It’s up to Dave and Holly to fly round the world to rescue all the reindeers.

Can Holly and Dave get all the reindeers back to Santa to SAVE CHRISTMAS?

This funniest festive adventure is a must-read spin on The Night Before Christmas

From the bestselling creators of The Fart That Changed the World and Escape the Rooms

Chapter book

The first book in a major new series: FUTURE HERO – featuring high-octane adventure, perfect for fans of Black Panther!

Destiny is Calling…

When Jarell discovers that the fantasy world he is obsessed with doodling is actually real, he is launched into an incredible adventure.

Ulfrika, the land of his ancestors, is in trouble and he is the hero they need.

With the help of brave and wise-cracking Kimisi, Jarell must stop the evil Ikala. The future of Ulfrika depends on it…

A winning blend of future tech gadgets and a fantasy world inspired by the mythology of Africa and its diaspora.

Jarell, an ordinary boy who loves to draw, is the chosen one to save the world of Ulfrika.

Told in accessible short chapters, filled with action and humour, this is a fun fast-paced adventure – with plenty more books in the series coming soon!

Chapter book

A highly illustrated fiction series about a determined young inventor, from award-winning author Vashti Hardy.

Join Harley, her robot dog Sprocket and best friend Cosmo for problem-solving adventures and mysteries in Inventia, a world where science rules and technology grows in the forest; and where exploding science projects, giant slugs and runaway robots are all part of a normal school day.

The Iron Forest near Harley’s home is unlike any other – plants and trees grow cogs and hinges and other mechanical parts – and all of Inventia depends on it. So when a strange fungus is discovered, there’s a race to find a solution. Without essential parts for inventions, the town is quickly falling apart…

But just who or what is behind the mysterious infestation? Harley decides it’s up to her to save the day – with chaotic results!

Perfect for fans of Amelia Fang and Isadora Moon, this is a rollicking adventure that celebrates STEM learning!

Heavily illustrated with lively, humourous illustrations by George Ermos.

Vashti Hardy is an award-winning author of children’s books. Her novel Wildspark won the Blue Peter Book Award for Best Story 2020, and Brightstorm was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize.


A stunning celebration of the rich culture and fascinating history of Scotland featuring six Scottish illustrators.

Discover everything that makes Scotland so special – from its iconic landmarks to its magical myths and spooky ghost stories, from its bloody battles and its rich culture … and everything in between.

With a foreword from much-loved Scotswoman Lorraine Kelly.

Beautiful, full-colour illustration makes this the perfect gift.

Showcases the talent of six of Scotland’s top illustrators.

Sections include:
The Story of Scotland – illustrated by Hazel Dunn
City and Country – illustrated by Jill Calder
Warring Scotland – illustrated by Catriona Phillips
Haunted Scotland – illustrated by Helen Kellock
Legendary Scotland – illustrated by Lauren Morsley
The Culture of Scotland – illustrated by Katie Smith

Chapter book

Nick Sharratt’s fabulously funny debut novel is now available in paperback. The Cat and the King tells the story of a gentle, unworldly King and his very clever cat, and is illustrated throughout in two colours with Nick’s irresistible wit and humour.

The cat and the King must find a new home after their castle burns down in an Unfortunate Incident with a dragon.

They choose Number 37 Castle Close, and the cat introduces the King to all sorts of new experiences, from washing-up to shopping.

Then danger looms when the pesky, fire-breathing dragon makes its return.


A brilliant split page novelty book from bestselling author-illustrator, Nick Sharratt. A great reissuing of a perennially popular split-page book inviting children to howl with laughter at the fantastic and fantastical food concoctions they create.

Do you like ketchup on your cornflakes? No? Well flip 1/2 the page and try it with something else!

With superb, satisfying novelty features:

Spiral bound with pages split in half

bright and fun illustrations

hilarious wordplay

Two of Nick Sharratt’s Books, Elephant Wellyphant & Octopus Socktopus were both shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize

Children will love poring over these fun-filled pages, and creating their very own mix-ups.


All About Diwali: Things to Make and Do is the perfect celebration gift! Diwali is one of India’s most significant holidays.

This beautiful activity book book is filled with crafts and recipes, fun activities and facts about the Diwali celebrations observed by over ONE BILLION people across faiths.

Read all about why Diwali is named the festival of lights and discover the stories behind it.

The perfect activity book, children can:

Create magical lanterns

Make a diya

Put together diwali fan decorations

Paint rangoli patterns

Make a diwali paper rocket

Recipes include:

Potato curry

Spiced rice with peas

Milk peda

Coconut burfi

Almond halwa

This is the ULTIMATE book of Diwali fun!

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