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THE title to have for kids transitioning from primary to secondary school. Moving up from primary to secondary school can be scary. Going from being the bosses of the benches, to the youngest in a massive playground is hard.

The classrooms are bigger, older students look like adults and don’t even start on the piles of homework, stressful exams and complicated friendships.

Whether you’re heading to secondary school next year, or you’ve just started and still adjusting, Moving Up is here to help you on your journey.

From choosing your new school and your first day all the way up to your final exams and your leaving party or prom, this handy guide book will be the perfect companion for transitioning to secondary, and get you feeling confident, building strong friendships, achieving great things and generally being the greatest that you can be.

Chapter book

A thrilling and moving account of the largest movement of people in history, telling both sides of the story through the voices of children at the heart of Partition. It’s October 1947 and two young boys find themselves thrown together during the dramatic changes of Partition.

As the new India and Pakistan are born, can the friendship between these two children rise above the tensions between the two countries?

When the British announced they would be leaving India, a feeling of hope bubbled up in towns and villages across the country – they would be free to rule themselves at last!

But deciding to split the country in two – Partition – would soon mean so much more.

A gripping first-hand account with an engaging and direct narrative voice, making the story accessible to a young readership.

Chapter book

From the award-winning author of The Brightstorm Chroncles, Vashti Hardy, comes a powerful new story set in a surprising world filled with action, adventure and big questions about family and what it means to be human. Perfect for readers aged 9+ and for fans of Ross Welford and Piers Torday.

Twelve-year-old Rose can’t remember anything before last week, when she woke up not knowing her own name, her own house, or or even her own mother. The only thing Rose recognized was her puppy, North.

But Mother patiently explained everything – well, not everything. Not the real-feeling dreams Rose has about a mysterious forest she half-recognizes. Or why she is not allowed to stray beyond the garden, out into Luminelle, the vast city surrounding them.

Mother is kind and helpful, but Rose can’t shake the feeling that something’s not right. Or maybe it’s everything that’s not right?

But then, when Rose flees to the outside world with North, it quickly becomes clear to Rose that she is different. And for reasons she doesn’t understand, she’s dangerous.

On an unforgettable journey of discovery, Rose uncovers life-altering truths about the city she’s in, the people around her … and ultimately herself.

Short story collection

Classic, much-loved stories masterfully brought to life by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo and Zog.

A gorgeous gift book of classic fairy tales, beautifully illustrated by bestselling and award-winning illustrator, Axel Scheffler.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Three Little Pigs
The Hare and the Hedgehog
Puss in Boots
Nursery Rhymes
all bound into one must-have collection.

Gorgeous gift book illustrated by mega talent, Axel Scheffler.
Includes classic stories and rhymes that children will love!
The perfect first book for any child’s library!

Chapter book

If Hercules Braver is going to survive his new secondary school, he has to live up to his name, fast. He needs to become strong and tanned and popular, like a Greek hero. Not weak and pale and unpopular, like a Greek yoghurt. But his bid for popularity ends up saddling him with a set of impossible tasks … like cleaning out the monster-riddled school pond, facing up to the school bully and finding the headmaster’s missing cat.

Then Herc’s charming, impressive birth dad turns up after years living in Greece, and Hercules thinks his problems are solved. With God-like strength and awe-inspiring powers, could his dad even be … the real Zeus?!

And will Hercules learn what it truly means to be a hero?

A hilarious, accessible package brilliantly illustrated by David O’Connell. Ideal for fans of Louie Stowell’s Loki, Maz Evans, Marvel’s Thor films and Disney Hercules.

Hercules Braver’s are loosely based on the first three Labours of Hercules, ideal for all young fans of Greek mythology!

Warm-hearted representation of blended families and alternate father figures.


With vivid illustrations and a heartwarming story, this picture book is the perfect Eid gift!

It’s the evening before Eid, and Hana is helping her mum lay the table. Hana loves the colourful decorations they’ve arranged around the house! But there is still much to do, so when Hana’s mum asks her to get the Eid presents ready to take to Nani’s house the next day, Hana is at the ready to help!

There’s just one problem: where are the Eid presents?

With a gentle search-and-find element running alongside the story, this gorgeous picture book is a wonderful introduction to Eid.

Written by award-winning author of Boy, Everywhere, AM Dassu and with heartfelt illustrations by Junissa Bianda


A silly, funny book from debut author Kael Tudor filled with hilarious and bright illustrations from Nicola Slater, the bestselling illustrator of The Leaf Thief.

Welcome to the ice cream shop, where there’s a goose line, a moose line and a slightly bossy goose who wants everyone to be in the right line. But it is not as easy as it sounds!

This mix-up picture book perfectly captures the chaos of queueing up, and features a fun counting element too. Witty and original first book in a brand-new series.



A laugh-out-loud picture book about one family’s surprise visit from an excitable BUNNY! When a cheerful bunny comes to visit on a delightful sunny day, a little child and their grandad cannot believe their eyes.


So, what do bunnies LOVE doing?

Is it hopping as high as they can go? MAYBE.

Or going on an egg hunt? QUITE POSSIBLY!

Or maybe eating a yummy breakfast, lunch and a sweet treat or two? ABSOLUTELY!

Full of chaos and silliness, this brilliantly fun picture book is perfect for children who love to laugh!

Energetic and super fun, Rachael Davis’ rhyming text is a joyful delight

Rachael’s debut picture book, I am NOT a Prince!, was shortlisted for a Waterstones Book Prize in 2023

Bright, striking illustrations by Mike Byrne

Mike is the bestselling illustrator of Who Pooed In My Loo? and Unicorns Don’t Love Rainbows


Flora, the smallest dormouse, is going on a grand adventure . . . The other dormice just want to sleep, but there’s a wide world outside, and Flora can’t wait to go exploring.

She’s brave. She’s full of questions. And she’s not sleepy at all!

Flora finds there’s so much to discover, from tadpoles wriggling in a pond to bees buzzing from flower to flower.

But when winter comes, even Flora needs to sleep. She curls up in a cosy burrow . . . and doesn’t realise she’s fallen asleep on the back of a fox! Will the other dormice dare to come to Flora’s rescue?

Children will love discovering the natural world with Flora in this gorgeously illustrated celebration of nature through the seasons.

The sweet, funny story is fabulously illustrated by acclaimed illustrator Raahat Kaduji.

Extra non-fiction facts at the end of the book explain about the creatures Flora finds, and encourages children to look out for the wildlife around them.


A poptastic tale perfect for fans of SUPERTATO and Ten Fat Sausages! One rainy afternoon a saucepan was put on the hob.

Everything was ready for a very special job.

Follow Dave and his friends as they dance their way into becoming popcorn and go on the adventure of their lives in this explosively funny tale.

But is the world outside the packet all it’s cracked up to be…?

Brought to life with bright, colourful illustrations and brilliantly fun rhyming text from Matt Carr, this is a laugh-out-loud romp to be remembered!

Packed with counting fun and limitless laughs for the whole family

Perfect for fans of Sue Hendra and Paul Linnett

Check out Matt Carr’s other fabulous books, Spyder, Superbat, Rocketmole, Dave and Greta Make the World Better, Wash Your Hands and Go To Sleep!

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