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I’m Not Sleepy

Book Synopsis

Flora, the smallest dormouse, is going on a grand adventure . . . The other dormice just want to sleep, but there’s a wide world outside, and Flora can’t wait to go exploring.

She’s brave. She’s full of questions. And she’s not sleepy at all!

Flora finds there’s so much to discover, from tadpoles wriggling in a pond to bees buzzing from flower to flower.

But when winter comes, even Flora needs to sleep. She curls up in a cosy burrow . . . and doesn’t realise she’s fallen asleep on the back of a fox! Will the other dormice dare to come to Flora’s rescue?

Children will love discovering the natural world with Flora in this gorgeously illustrated celebration of nature through the seasons.

The sweet, funny story is fabulously illustrated by acclaimed illustrator Raahat Kaduji.

Extra non-fiction facts at the end of the book explain about the creatures Flora finds, and encourages children to look out for the wildlife around them.

Our Review Panel says...

Flora, the smallest dormouse, ends up discovering the amazing world there is around her when all the other dormice go back to sleep. Her head is full of questions so Flora bravely sets off to explore where she finds the answers…and more, along the way.

This wonderful book offers the reader a little glimpse into the lives of different animals across the seasons and demonstrates the love and friendship of others when it is needed. Through the beautifully detailed illustrations and the simple but informative text, readers can follow Flora as she goes on an adventure and learns more about nature, from tadpoles wiggling in the pond during the spring to squirrels gathering nuts in the autumn. However, as winter arrives, Flora begins to feel sleepy and ends up finding a rather unsafe place to fall asleep. Her new friends rescue her with the help of the other dormice where they see for themselves the world that Flora had talked about in her postcards to them.

I especially like the addition of ‘Flora’s Nature Diary’ at the back of the book which provides interesting facts linked to the animals she encountered on her journey. This heartwarming book is a must for young children and encourages them to learn more about the wildlife around them – a perfect accompaniment to developing knowledge and understanding of the world.

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I’m Not Sleepy

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