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The Spaces In Between

Book Synopsis

Have you found the spaces in between? The secret places no one else has been? This beautiful picture book celebrates themes of anxiety and kindness by exploring the hidden places to be found in a busy city.

Traffic! Road works! Ambulances! Where do you go when the hustle and bustle of the city gets too much? The Spaces In Between follows one little girl and her father, as they seek out the secret spaces where they can go to find peace and quiet.

With themes of anxiety, fear, kindness and joy, explore how children can find ways of coping with noisy, busy spaces. From the warm embrace of a loved one, finding joy by splashing through puddles, and feeling the crunch of autumn leaves on the pavement, this book is full of ideas on how to find calming spaces in the middle of the hubbub.

Tips and suggestions at the back of the book are full of ideas that are accessible to all children, wherever they are in the world.

Written by phenomenal TED speaker, poet, writer and activist Jaspreet Kaur with beautiful illustrations by award-winning artist Manjit Thapp.

Our Review Panel says...

Finding tranquillity can seem like an elusive quest in the heart of our ever-busy world, where the din of traffic, road works, and sirens fill the air. The Spaces In Between by Jaspreet Kaur is a journey through the lives of children seeking solace in the crevices of urban life and brought to life through the evocative illustrations of Manjit Thapp. The narrative weaves through the experiences of various children, each navigating their emotions amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Themes of anxiety, fear, kindness, and joy are gently explored, making complex emotions accessible and understandable to a younger audience. The children’s journeys over a day showcase how they find peace in simple joys, be it the warm embrace of a loved one, the exhilarating sensation of splashing through puddles, or the tactile pleasure of autumn leaves underfoot. Though seemingly small, these moments are depicted as vast and significant havens of peace and happiness.

Located at the end of the book are practical tips and suggestions for finding calm. These ideas are theoretical and grounded in accessibility, ensuring that children from various backgrounds can find solace and joy in their everyday environments. This approach underscores the book’s commitment to inclusivity and universal well-being, offering a beacon of peace amidst the chaos. It is a significant tool for educators, parents, and all professionals involved in children’s education and well-being, illustrating the power of mindfulness and the importance of mental health from a tender age.

Perfect for initiating conversations about emotions, teaching mindfulness practices, and encouraging children to explore and appreciate the world around them while navigating their emotions and finding quiet spaces in a noisy world.

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The Spaces In Between

the spaces in between

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