Rain Boots

Weather & Seasons

Froggy Day

Heather Pindar & Barbara Bakos

A witty, vibrant story that begins with the weather forecast predicting the weather to be ‘very froggy’. Soon, there are frogs all over the place causing chaos at sea, on the farm and in the city with only the children embracing the mayhem! Filled with word play and imagination, this is a fun and memorable picture book that takes the phrase 'raining cats and dogs' in a whole new direction.  

Lila and the Secret of Rain

David Conway & Jude Daly

This is a beautiful picture book that depicts a Kenyan village during a drought. Rain has not come down for months and the sun beats hard on the villagers, affecting the people, plants and animals. When a young girl called Lila hears a story from her grandfather about the secret of making the rain come back, she sets about on her own quest to save her village.

The Snowflake Mistake

Lou Treleaven and Maddie Frost

Within a floating ice palace high above the clouds, the Snow Queen operates a snowflake machine, ensuring that it produces perfectly identical flakes. But one day when the Queen leaves her daughter Princess Ellie in charge, the machine breaks and Princess Ellie has to find a new way to make the snowflakes. Princess Ellie creates exquisite and unique snowflakes by hand, making the most beautiful snowfall ever.

Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go

Patricia Hegarty and Britta Teckentrup

An appealing and informative illustrated book that follows the natural changes of a tree through the four seasons. Dotted with hidden animals scampering through cut paper holes, each page of Tree: Seasons Come, Seasons Go allows its reader to investigate and explore one tree’s rich and varied life cycle through seasonal change.


Lois Ehlert

From the creator of the very popular Leafman, this is a wintery picture book with clever collage-style illustrations made from everyday objects. With a little imagination, whole worlds can be created out of snow by adding a few everyday objects. Children will love spotting the individual items that make up the pictures in Snowballs and we think this book is great inspiration for getting creative with your own snow characters.

Little Cloud

Anne Booth & Sarah Massini

Everyone adores the little cloud as he grows and grows, making all manner of interesting shapes to impress people. But when little cloud becomes heavier and pours down raindrops, nobody seems quite so delighted. But little cloud soon realises that people appreciate his important work more than he thinks. Children will enjoy spotting the fun shapes of clouds and creating their own after reading this gentle storytime introduction to the water cycle.

The Rhythm of the Rain

Grahame Baker-Smith

A beautiful picture book that explores the remarkable journey of the water cycle, with a gentle narrative that draws out the sheer beauty and scale of nature’s systems. Each double spread features expansive illustrations highlighting water at different stages of its natural cycle and the living things of different types that interact and depend upon it. Sometimes the water is portrayed as sparkling and calm, other times it is dark and mysterious and other times still it is powerful and unyielding.  This book would make a lovely stimulus for children of all ages learning about the water cycle.


Sam Usher

A boy and his grandad make the most of the storm brewing outside by deciding to fly a kite. First they must work as a team to find the kite, and then it's time to hold onto their hats as they step outside into the blustering weather for an adventure together. You may also like the other books in the same series: Snow (available here), Rain (available here) and Sun (available here).

Secrets of Winter

Carron Brown & Georgina Tee

This Shine-a-Light book invites readers to interact by shining a torch through each page to reveal hidden details in the pictures, such as the intricate pattern of the snowflakes or the animals hibernating inside their snuggly homes.  The pictures, hidden images and text work together to create a perfectly interactive information book about seasonal changes during winter. Remember to supply a torch too!

Elmer and the Rainbow

David McKee

Favourite storytime character Elmer the elephant is back and this time he and his friends are waiting for a storm to finish so that they might see the rainbow at the end. But when the rainbow appears, it seems to have lost all of it's colours. When Elmer decides to come to the rescue by giving his own colours to rainbow, will Elmer become a colourless elephant for ever?

The Wind Blew

Pat Hutchins

A classic rhyming picture book about a gust of wind that sweeps along a series of items; an umbrella, a balloons and even somebody's wig. Will the wind blow the objects all the way out to sea? This makes a fun story that children will easily remember and enjoy innovating by imagining their own host of items to be swept along by the wind. 

The Weather Girls


Part of a series about a group of girls enjoying have fun in the great outdoors. This rhyming picture book is all about the Weather Girls, who explore the world around them come rain, snow or shine with a high spirit of adventure. Explore seasonal changes as the girls explore springtime green forests, swim in summer waters, jump around in autumn leaves and trek through snowy mountains. 

Sector 7

David Wiesner

A award-winning wordless picture book that is brilliant for stimulating imagination and discussion. During a school trip, a boy is whisked away to a cloud dispatch terminal in the sky. Bored with their usual form, the clouds are happy to be re-styled by the imaginative young boy, who twists and moulds the clouds into an exciting array of new shapes. Humorous and full of details to spot, this fantasy adventure is a book that will be enjoyed by anyone who has ever looked up to find shapes in the clouds floating in the sky. 

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Weather

Katie Daynes & Marie-Eve Tremblay

​A lift-the-flap information text all about different types of weather and why they occur. Presented in a Q-and-A format with extra projects and quizzes to try, this is great for reading aloud to a class but young children will also enjoy looking through the bright, interactive pages independently. 

Out and About: A First Book of Poems

Shirley Hughes

A collection of poems about weather and seasons by much-loved children's author Shirley Hughes. A brother and sister enjoy exploring together throughout the seasons and experience the simple pleasures of the various weather conditions. With gentle rhymes and timeless illustrations, this poetry book is a real classic. 

A Year in Nature: A Carousel Book of the Seasons

Hazel Maskell & Eleanor Taylor

This unique information book opens out into a 360-degree carousel of a woodland scene that changes over the four seasons.  Each season has pop-up elements with detailed illustrations and pockets of information, making it a lovely book to keep on display during your topic.