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Booklist: Dyslexia Friendly Books

On this booklist, we feature a selection of recommended books that have been specially designed for dyslexic readers by the experts at Barrington Stoke. All of the books on this list have a dyslexia-friendly layout, typeface and paperstock, so that even more readers can enjoy them. Scroll down to find the best books for dyslexic readers in KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2.

Dyslexia-friendly books for KS1 (age 5-7)

Nick Sharratt
Chapter book

Hip hip hooray! It’s Splash Day today and everyone is ready for a water fight! They’ve got their trunks and wetsuits, wellies and rubber rings. Even the teachers are going to join in. Let’s see what happens when Mrs Thistle blows her whistle!

Katherine Woodfine
 & Briony May Smith
Chapter book
A reimagining of the childhood of Sophie Blanchard, one of the world's first female aeronauts. Scaredy-Cat Sophie is afraid of everything. So when a balloonist comes to the town fair, Sophie is left behind while everyone else goes to watch him fly in his marvellous balloon. She's far too frightened of the crowds, the commotion and even riding in a horse-drawn carriage. But if she could just be brave enough to face her fears, who knows where Sophie's journey might take her.
Jeremy Strong
 & Jamie Smith
Chapter book
Nellie Choc-Ice is on her way home to the South Pole at last! She can't wait to see her family, but then Captain Beardy-Beard's trusty submarine grinds to a halt in an island of plastic – and they aren't the only ones who are trapped. It's up to Nellie to untangle everyone from the mess. But what are they going to do about all this plastic in the ocean?

Dyslexia-friendly books for lower KS2 (age 7-9)

Anne Fine
 & Vicki Gausden
Chapter book

Mr Frost’s class is in trouble. The pupils keep making a mess! And the rubbish bin that tips over at a touch doesn’t help. But when they decide to send it off to the charity shop with a few extra things inside, the class soon discovers that what one person doesn’t want can be just what someone else is looking for…

Frank Cottrell Boyce
 & Cate James
Chapter book
Laugh-out-loud comedy from Carnegie Medalist Frank Cottrell Boyce. When Granddad gives ‘loser' George an old bottle of aftershave for his birthday, George's life becomes more desirable...
Patrice Lawrence
 & Becka Moor
Chapter book
It's another normal morning for Leo – until a toad lands on his head. It's a toad attack! Before Leo knows it, the toads are everywhere, munching through gardens and causing chaos around town. The angry residents are ready to take matters into their own hands – but where did the toads come from? And what are they doing here? Together with his best friend Rosa, Leo needs to come up with some answers before the toads become toast!
Lisa Thompson
 & Mike Lowery
Chapter book

Owen and his mum are struggling. It’s just the two of them at home now and they’re finding it difficult to ask for the help they need. When Owen discovers a crumbling stone soldier in the local park, it feels like he finally has someone he can talk to about his worries. But the town council cant’ see how important the soldier is and they want to remove him. Owen’s scared that he’ll be left on his own again, but can he find the courage he needs to save the soldier before it’s too late? This book has been edited to a reading age of 8.

​Dyslexia-friendly books for upper KS2 (age 9-11)

Malorie Blackman
 & Matthew Griffin
Chapter book
Futuristic drama from Malorie Blackman, the UK Children's Laureate from 2013-2015. How would you feel if your dad created a monster? Claire is upset by her dad's new invention, and her best friend is struggling to help...
Gill Lewis
Chapter book
Bobbie is thrilled that a golden eagle has settled near her family farm. She loves climbing the hills to watch it soar across the sky and stalk its prey. But not everybody shares her feelings for the magnificent bird. When it becomes clear that the eagle is in grave danger, Bobbie is determined to do everything she can to protect it. But she is also facing the threat of being sent away to boarding school, far from everything she knows. Will Bobbie be brave enough to fight for the bird and home that she loves?
Chris Bradford
 & Andres Frang
Chapter book
Street kid Scott jumps at the chance to be a Virtual Kombat gamer. If he can battle his way up the ranks, the ultimate prize will be his. But then his friend Kate goes missing in the battle arena, and Scott's dream turns into a nightmare ... A sleek new edition of the first book in Bodyguard author Chris Bradford's action-packed dystopian trilogy. Particularly suitable for struggling reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+.
Catherine Johnson
 & Katie Hickey
Chapter book
Best-selling author Catherine Johnson offers a fictionalized retelling of the unsung BAME hero Matthew Henson. Matthew's story is incredible and filled with the spirit of adventure, from being a runaway orphan heading to find work in a big city, to landing a job as a cabin boy on a ship to accompanying Captain Peary on his mission to be the first Americans to discover the North Pole. Despite being the first of the party to reach the North Pole, Henson was given no recognition on return to America and his achievements were ignored because of the colour of his skin. Highly recommended.

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