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Superhero Books

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The best superhero stories and superhero themed children’s books

Get ready to bring out your inner hero and zap into adventure mode with our list of recommended children’s books about superheroes. From caped crusaders and vile villains to amazing everyday heroes and heroines, our list of best superhero stories for children shows that superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.

From the classic superhero story Supertato, the unlikely superhero who is on a mission to protect the other vegetables from the Evil Pea and children’s favourite Julia Donaldson’s Superworm, we also include How to Save a Superhero – a heart-warming book with fun characters, rhyming text and a wonderful take-away message about standing up for what’s right, which makes a great addition to the superhero bookshelf.

If you are looking for recommended superhero story books for children, this specially selected reading list for EYFS and KS1 has got you covered…

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Recommended Children's Stories about Superheroes

Claire Freedman
 & Sarah McIntyre
Amazing, action-packed superhero adventure by the bestselling power-duo Claire Freedman and Sarah McIntyre.There's a boy quite ordinary, He looks like me or you, But in secret... he is SUPERKID - There's nothing he can't do!With x-ray vision, super speed and bravery by the bag-load, Superkid is always on hand to save the day! He can spot bullies trying to steal your bubblegum, he knows just what to do with a plateful of broccoli, and he can make even pirates surrender.A bestselling picture book with an empowering message about every child's potential to be a hero, delivered in a fun, rhyming story full of action and adventure. An encouraging message about every child's potential to be a hero, delivered in a fun, rhyming story full of action and adventure.
Bob Graham
Max is the son of superhero parents and there is a lot of pressure on him to live up to family expectations. But Max discovers in time that he can be a small hero, doing small deeds. An uplifting tale about doing good things from an award-winning author.
Caryl Hart
 & Ed Eaves
Albie doesn't want to tidy his toys away but when a comic-book baddie snatches one away, he has to chase after them! Follow Albie into a world of flying superheroes, crazy contraptions and daring rescues in another fantastically fun adventure from the bestselling team of Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves.
Patricia Hegarty
 & Alex Willmore
What happens when disaster strikes? Who you gonna call? Superhero Baby! She’s the bravest of them all! GO GO BABY POWER! A rhyming, comic caper – guaranteed to get you giggling!
Maudie Powell-Tuck
 & Julio Antonio Blasco
A hilarious, huggable superhero adventure – with flaps to lift and die-cut shaped pages!Rascally bank robbery? Runaway train? Never fear! Captain Cuddles is here! The world’s snuggliest superhero can turn baddies into goodies with just the power of . . . a HUG! But watch out, Captain! There’s a wicked flea on the loose! Will Captain Cuddle’s superhero squeeze be enough to save the day? Or will he be blasted off far, far away?This cuddle-filled story with brilliant illustrations from Julio Antonio Blasco will delight children with its twists and turns. A fun superhero caper that would appeal to fans of Julia Donaldson's Superworm, Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt’s Super Daisy and Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet’s Supertato series.

Superhero Counting Stories

Caryl Hart
 & Nick East

This is a fun superhero-themed story book that helps to get younger children counting. When Pasta Man’s supply of Pasta Power runs out, he needs all of the help he can get to outsmart the spicy supervillainess Madame Chilli.

We love Caryl Hart’s tongue-twisting rhymes and Nick East’s lively illustrations, capturing the cast of imaginative superhero characters in this unique counting book.

Mike Brownlow
 & Simon Rickerty
Count along with the Ten Little Superheroes in this action-packed, counting rhyme adventure!Ten Little Superheroes are on a mission to save the city ... But do they have the super-powers to defeat evil villain Monstro and his dastardly League of Bad Guys?Part traditional counting rhyme, part fun-filled story, Ten Little Superheroes is perfect for sharing together. Read the bouncy rhyming story. Count from ten to one and back again, as the Little Superheroes disappear then reappear. Spot and count the details on each page. And join in with all the great sound-words!The Ten Little series has sold over a million copies worldwide, and Ten Little Bookworms is a 2019 World Book Day pick.

Stories With Children's Favourite Superhero Characters

M. N. Tahl
 & Mark Chambers

A superhero story with a difference…. and lots of cheesy puns! When Supermouse holds auditions in Mouseopolis for The League of Remarkable Rodents, he isn’t sure he has found the best animals for the job. That is until Mount Fondue explodes and cheese covers the town. With Supermouse facing a cheesy end, the League of Remarkable Rodents zoom to the rescue. Will they save their hero or is he truly “fondoomed”?

This book is full of cheesy puns which are laugh-out-loud funny and make this book an enjoyable read for adults and children. Each page features flaps to lift and holes to see more of the story making it an interactive experience. The story is told through speech bubbles and text and is enhanced by great, brightly-coloured illustrations. With just the right amount of peril for our hero and some daring deeds, this has become a firm favourite already.

Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

In every Reception or Infant class, you’ll find fans of Supertato and his hilarious crew of vegetable friends (not forgetting his nemesis, Evil Pea).

Written by husband and wife team Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, the books are enjoyed by readers who like a high dose of action and hilarious characters who mean business.

This is a tremendously popular story that has now been developed into a series of books and a TV show. It tells the funny tale of Supertato, the unlikely superhero who is on a mission to protect the other vegetables from the Evil Pea. A laugh-out-loud story that children want to hear again and again.

Mini Grey

This is a high quality text full of detailed comic-style illustrations.

It follows the adventures of an Action-Man style hero with an outfit for every occasion. His daily superhero challenges include rescuing lost toys, diving in the sieve-wreck and saving distressed damsels.

Highly recommended for KS1 and filled with humorous details to pore over, this is a winner of a book.

Kes Gray
 & Nick Sharratt
This is a fun story about Super Daisy's mission to save Planet Earth, which is on a collision course with Planet Pea. This book is full of bold illustrations, flaps and pull-tabs.

Peter Bently
 & John Bond
The latest pet-themed picture book from Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning author Peter Bently and the incredibly talented illustrator John Bond, creators of Dogs in Disguise.A fun-filled look into the hilarious and heroic world of hamsters, as they battle their greatest enemies, the guinea-pigs!From the award-winning author and illustrator duo behind Dogs in Disguise and Cats in Chaos, Peter Bently and John Bond now turn their attention to the smallest – but mightiest – of all pets – the hamster! Filled with unexpected animal antics, high-octane drama and endless humour, this overlooked little creature is taking centre stage as never before in the greatest pet showdown yet.This jaunty rhyming text from hugely popular author Peter Bently, with brilliantly witty illustrations from John Bond, creator of the Mini Rabbit books, will have children laughing out loud!

Best Stories To Inspire Real Life Superheroes

Dr. Ranj Singh
 & Liam Darcy
An empowering story about seeing the best in others and yourself, from Dr Ranj, bestselling author and the nation's favourite doctor.Femi has SUPERPOWERS! But not the superhero kind - she can't really fly or turn invisible. Femi's dad says she has lots of superpowers on the inside that make her special.From kindness to creativity, bravery to patience - join Femi as she discovers all the special powers that her, her friends, and the incredible people around her, bring out in one another every day.
 & Julia Seal
Some superheroes have capes and trusty sidekicks too, but how many of these superheroes have ever rescued you?A heartwarming thank you to the essential workers who help us every day. From supermarket staff and firefighters to doctors and nurses, this charming picture book celebrates the brave, everyday heroes who keep our world turning through difficult times.Who are the real superheroes that keep our world safe?- A charming picture book by author-illustrator Julia Seal celebrating the brave, everyday heroes who keep our world turning - Simple, rhyming text to share and read aloud with young children - A beautiful celebration of key workers, and the important roles they play every single day and nightSome superheroes have shiny capes, super-strength, and trusty sidekicks, but how many of these superheroes have ever rescued you? Perfect for children aged 3-7 years, this wonderful picture book is dedicated to brave front-line workers - the real heroes who look after us!Covering a diverse range of professions and characters, Real Superheroes pays tribute to the incredible jobs that key workers are doing around the world so we can stay home and stay safe. Little ones will love seeing pictures of other children dressed up to do different jobs, including a teacher, a delivery worker, and a shopkeeper!
Dr. Ranj Singh
 & Liam Darcy
A celebration of incredible key-workers by Dr Ranj, presenter of CBeebies series Get Well Soon, resident doctor on ITV's This Morning and front line NHS paediatrician.Lily knows exactly what she wants to be when she grows up: a superhero! But she's not interested in being a silly superhero. She doesn't want to wear her pants outside her trousers! Lily wants to be a REAL superhero: the kind who helps people and makes the world a better place.Join Lily as she meets the extraordinary superheroes all around us, from doctors, teachers and air ambulance paramedics to scientists, recycling truck drivers and carers. Discover the amazing work these real-life heroes do using their incredible superpowers of kindness, care and love.This uplifting picture book celebrates key-workers, and shows little readers that we all have the potential within us to be superheroes.

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Guidance: Recommended Superhero Books for Children

What are the best superhero-themed books for schools and classrooms?

Our superhero booklist for EYFS features the perfect selection of books for your next primary school superhero topic. From fictional stories about relatable superheroes – like the popular favourite Super Daisy – as well as books about the most memorable superhero characters for children including Supertato and Julia Donaldson’s Superworm.

Teachers looking to inspire their classes with tales of real-life heroes should try Dr Ranj’s A Superhero Like You or the DK picturebook celebration of Real Superheroes.

The BooksforTopics Superhero Booklist has everything you need to make your superhero topic a super-sonic success! Schools can buy full packs of the books via Peters.

What are the most popular superhero books for EYFS children (ages 3-5)?

For EYFS, we recommend choosing superhero books with memorable characters or interactive elements. Children in the Early Years love counting stories featuring superheroes, like Ten Little Superheroes and Knock Knock Superhero – both top preschool and reception choices and ideal for young children to join in with.

We also highly recommend Kate Thompson’s empowering rhyming story Superheroes Don’t Get Scared… Or Do They? for fun hero-themed storytimes in EYFS.

We can’t fail to mention the most famous potato-sized superhero of all, Supertato. There’s a whole series of Supertato’s fantastic adventures to be enjoyed – including The Great Egg-scape and Carnival Catastro-Pea, which feature on the BooksForTopics Easter Booklist and list of Books about Festivals and Celebrations respectively. These action-packed veggie escapades never fail to be a hit with EYFS. For avid Supertato fans who’ve read them all, check out our Branching Out booklist featuring Books for Fans of Supertato.

Which superhero books are best for gentle storytimes or bedtime stories?

Not all superhero fans are there for heroic stunts and fast-paced action. Some children will respond best to gently empowering stories that encourage quieter children to harness their inner superhero qualities. Max by Bob Graham is an uplifting tale about doing good things, written by an award-winning author. Max is the son of superhero parents and there is a lot of pressure on him to live up to family expectations. But Max discovers in time the true value of being a small hero doing everyday good deeds.

Another recommendation for a gently encouraging hero story is A Superpower Like Mine, by Dr Ranj. The story promotes real ‘superpowers’ like kindness, bravery, creativity and patience. We really enjoyed this empowering and inclusive picturebook about seeing the best in others and yourself.

Which superhero stories are best for children in Key Stage 1 (ages 5-7)? 

Our review panel’s top recommendation for KS1 is Traction Man  – a super-popular picturebook full of detailed comic-style illustrations. It follows the adventures of an Action-Man style hero with an outfit for every occasion. His daily superhero challenges include rescuing lost toys, diving in the sieve wreck and saving distressed damsels. With lots of witty visual humour and plenty to spot, this book also features on our Best Books for Year 2 recommended booklist.

Another top choice of superhero story for 5-7-year-olds is the action-packed Supermouse and the Volcano of Doom, which combines cheese-themed puns, fast-paced peril and interactive flaps and folds to enjoy.

Can you recommend any superhero books for older readers?

Yes, we can! Although our superhero booklist is aimed at younger children (ages 3-7), we can share a few book recommendations for older superhero-loving children too. Children ready for their very first chapter books will no doubt be charmed by the short, illustrated adventures of Marv.  Readers in the 7-9 age bracket are likely to enjoy the adventures of Jeremey Strong’s Cartoon Kid, the hilarious tales of reluctant schoolgirl-turned-superhero Pizazz or the graphic-novel-style stories of superheroes vs villains in The Super Sidekicks: No Adults Allowed.

Older readers ready for more complex chapter books might enjoy the humorous Iguana Boy series or Phil Earle’s Superhero Street, which follows the story of one boy’s secret efforts to become a superhero. We also recommend David Solomon’s books for older superhero fans – try starting with My Brother is a Superhero and working through this high-octane adventure series in order.

The Miles Morales graphic novels featuring a Marvel Spiderman-style superhero in New York are also popular with children aged 9-12.

Which other booklists for EYFS are available?

Our popular 50 Recommended Read booklists are available for each primary year group, including Best Books for Preschool and Best Books for Reception.

If you are looking for more picturebooks that young children will love listening to over and over again, our EYFS Storytime Favourites list will help you to build a quality story collection for children aged 3 to 5. Should you be looking to diversify your reading collection with diverse books for Early Years children, we’ve put together an additional special collection of Diverse and Inclusive Books for EYFS, which has been specially curated to help schools and parents to select more diverse books for young children.

We know how big the step of preparing to start primary school for the first time can feel to some children, and to help preschoolers to prepare for their journey to Reception, we’ve also put together a list of children’s books about starting school.

Many preschool and nursery children become fans of the most popular picturebook characters like Supertato and the Gruffalo, and to help with inspiration to find even more story characters to love, parents and teachers might find our Branching Out booklists useful with Books for Fans of Julia Donaldson and Books for Fans of Supertato.

Be sure to check out our EYFS topic booklists if you are looking for children’s books themed around a particular topic, like Colours or Festivals. Here are a few popular favourites you might also like:

Where can I purchase the books on the BooksForTopics superhero topic booklist?

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