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Recommended children’s books about colours

Lose yourself in the glorious world of colours. This collection of books about colours mixes vibrant illustrations, heartwarming stories and fascinating science to offer a range of perspectives on the EYFS colours topic. Rainbows and crayons feature alongside favourite characters to bring the colours topic to life. Brighten up your classroom with this list of the best children’s books for learning about colours.

Children's stories about colours

Mamta Nainy
 & Jo Loring-Fisher
When a little boy paints his nails with his mum's nail polish, he discovers the most important thing of all: the magic of being his true self.As the long Indian summer days stretch ahead of him, a young boy looks forward to his favourite time - painting-your-nails-time. He knows that when he dips his brush into those magical bottles of nail polish, he will find a colour to express his every mood and feeling.Purple is the colour of magic and mystery. White is the colour of endless possibilities.At times, his Papa frowns and says, ""What have you done to your nails?"" At other times, he says, ""Why don't you paint on paper instead?"" But the little boy knows that painting his nails makes his hands look beautiful.This colour-filled story celebrates the joy of finding out who you are and embracing the courage to be yourself.
David McKee
Favourite storytime character Elmer the elephant is back and this time he and his friends are waiting for a storm to finish so that they might see the rainbow at the end. But when the rainbow appears, it seems to have lost all of it's colours. When Elmer decides to come to the rescue by giving his own colours to rainbow, will Elmer become a colourless elephant for ever?
Naomi Jones
 & Ana Gomez
Freya loves rainbows. She loves their bright colours and their curvy shape. More than anything, she wishes she has one of her very own. One that she can keep forever. So she decides to become a Rainbow Hunter! She searches high and low, but no rainbows are to be found, so she decides to make her own, collecting items in every colour of the rainbow from the garden. But when things don't go quite to plan, Freya has to use her imagination and creativity to come up with a way to make her wish come true.A vibrant story from the author of the bestselling The Perfect Fit with technicolour illustrations by Ana Gomez.
Claire Potter
 & Ailie Busby
An ingenious and entertaining picture book to entice your little fussy eater to look beyond 'beige' and explore a whole new colourful world of food! Mummy's in a bad mood. She's fed up of food like chicken nuggets, pasta, chips, cereal and crisps. Then she has an idea! She's going to take her children to the supermarket to play a game. On Monday she tells them to choose three RED foods, on Tuesday three YELLOW foods, on Wednesday three GREEN foods... Look at all the foods there are to choose from! Which three foods would YOU choose? And how would YOU eat them? This cleverly concocted picture book features deliciously illustrated pages of red, yellow, green, orange and purple foods for your child to choose from. Enjoy the story together and then take your child to the supermarket to play the game in real life! Recommended by paediatric dietitians to help with fussy eating, it's a fun and effective way to coax your child out of their comfort zone and encourage them to go for something new and different. From Claire Potter, the best-selling author of Getting the Little Blighters to Eat, and with gorgeous illustrations from Ailie Busby.
Robert Tregoning
 & Stef Murphy
ONLY BLUE ALLOWED, by Blue government demand. Anything that isn't blue, by colour law, is banned.In a very blue house on a very blue street, sits a little boy who feels as blue as the world around him. For this little boy has a BIG secret: he loves the colour yellow.In a world where only one colour is allowed, will he be brave enough to tell his dad? And will they be able to defy the rules and create a world where EVERY colour is welcome? One boy and his dad are about to come OUT OF THE BLUE and into life in technicolour!A stunning celebration of being yourself and living in ALL the colours of the rainbow, from debut author Robert Tregoning and rising star illustrator Stef Murphy. Championing difference, diversity and pride, this gloriously illustrated picture book is perfect for fans of Perfectly Norman, Grandad's Camper and Julian Is a Mermaid.

Anna Llenas
A picture book follow-up to The Colour Monster, Anna Llenas's jaw-dropping pop-up book. One day, Colour Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows thim what each feeling means through colour. What is the Colour Monster feeling? And can you help him feel a little less mixed up? A gentle exploration of feelings for young and old alike.
Kate Read
Boo!: A Fishy Mystery is a glorious underwater adventure from the creator of the award-winning One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller, featuring a host of sea creatures from an orange crab to a green turtle, a yellow eel and even a purple puffer fish It all begins with one tiny pink fish who sets off a chain reaction of chaos beneath the waves until suddenly - SNAP! - she finds herself all alone in the ocean. Where has everyone gone, and how can such a tiny creature rescue her friends? Kate Read's stunning illustrations are as rich and bright as an aquarium of tropical fish and readers will love following the trail of colourful creatures through to the surprise ending. There's even a page at the end showing you how to mix your own colours.
Caroline Crowe
 & Cally Johnson-Isaacs

A joyful picturebook tapping into the power of finding positivity in the world around us.

When a little girls wants to know whether rainbows are painted, Grandad explains that instead they are made with hope and kindness to others. The story visits each of the the rainbow’s colours, listing associated things that bring hope, joy or kindness. Red is tulips or jam on toast, orange is kicking autumn leaves or dressing up as tigers, yellow is feeling sand on your toes or tasting zingy lemons, and so on. Many of the activities mentioned are those shared between friends or family members, and others focus on giving or being a blessing to others. Others still are just personal pleasures (like dying your hair a punk-rock shade of purple!).

I love the emphasis on finding joy in everyday things, and it’s hard to read the story without thinking of your own rainbow of joyful activities that bring colour into life. After months of lockdown, this story could be an excellent springboard into conversations and activities with children about being mindful of small pleasures, about finding positivity and about drawing on the ways in which love, friendship and community can bring joy.

Cheerful in concept and also in its bright illustrations and bouncy rhyme, this is a happy read that is perfectly timed for readers aged 3-7 as they approach the ease of lockdown and beyond.

Arree Chung
The Blues, Reds and Yellows lived in harmony. Reds were the loudest, Yellows the brightest and Blues were the coolest. However when one of the colours proclaims they are the best, discord breaks out and eventually the colours decide to live in different parts of the city. Then one day a Yellow befriends a Blue and they become inseparable, discovering a world of different possibilities and colours.From the brilliantly talented Arree Chung comes a sweet tale of difference and acceptance. Mixed is a charming and timely story with characterful illustrations and humour.
Michaela Dias-Hayes
The first in a two-book series that champions and empowers children of colour in beautifully simplistic ways. This book teached children how to mix colours, and how all three primary colours, mixed together, make beautiful brown.

Children's books for learning about colours

Nick Butterworth
Learn the colours of the rainbow with Percy the park keeper and his animal friends in this fun first concept book from highly regarded, award-winning author/illustrator Nick Butterworth, creator of One Snowy Night.Learning the colours of the rainbow is much easier when you do it with friends, and in this book children will find all their favourite characters from Percy’s Park!Based on the bestselling picture books by Nick Butterworth, including After the Storm and One Snowy Night, this simple and fun first concept book is perfect for nature lovers and the very youngest of Percy’s fans!Percy and his animal friends have delighted readers around the world for over thirty years!
Julia Donaldson
 & Sharon King-Chai
Non-fiction Picturebook
A stunning book about colours full of gorgeous, breathtaking landscapes, with amazing flaps to lift and holes to peep through. From Julia Donaldson, bestselling author of The Gruffalo, and Sharon King-Chai, who together created the award-winning Animalphabet and Counting Creatures.Follow a little girl as she paints her own adventure with her bright blue tree frog companion. With luscious green trees to climb and red hot air balloons to sail away in, children will delight in the rhyming text and vibrant artwork while learning about different colours.
Drew Daywalt
 & Oliver Jeffers
Learning colours is fun in this entertaining book from the creators of the #1 New York Times Bestsellers, The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home.It’s Duncan’s birthday, and the crayons all want to make him a card! With their fun and quirky illustrations of fire engines, dragons, even wheat, the creative crayons each have something special to contribute. But when they come together, they can create a truly spectactular celebration!From the creative minds behind the The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home comes a colourful board book introducing young readers to numbers.
Tim Hopgood
A beautifully illustrated board book that delights in everything that grows, from red strawberries to yellow bananas. With bright, joyful art, it is a beautiful introduction to colours, and shows the youngest children how colours can be mixed to create new ones. It ends with a stunning fold-out rainbow to make this a truly special book for the youngest children.
Ben Lerwill
 & Alette Straathof
We share one world, we share many colours.One World, Many Colours is a lyrical celebration of the vibrant colours waiting to be found in all corners of the world. From the ice-white plains of Antarctica to the soft pink blossoms of the Japanese countryside. The same colours can be found everywhere else in the world, in nature, in our cities and in our cultures.From travel writer Ben Lerwill, and with beautiful illustrations from Alette Straathof this non-fiction picture book opens children's eyes to the wonders of the world and the spectrum of colour that we share.

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