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Last Girl In

Book Synopsis

Celebrating cricket, Windrush families & girls in sport.

Kerry-Ann loves cricket – of course she does! Her Jamaican grandpa taught her to play as soon as she could hold a bat. Whenever she can, Kerry-Ann heads to the local club for a match with her friends.

But now some of the club’s elite cricketers want to keep the ground for themselves – and keep out Kerry-Ann and her team. So Kerry-Ann devises a daring plan to beat the bullies – and she’s about to gain inspiration from a very unexpected place.

In this time-slip tale with a touch of magic, Kerry-Ann finds out about the obstacles that her grandparents faced when they first arrived in England as part of the Windrush generation…and how she must follow in their footsteps to fight for fair play, and to keep enjoying the game that both she and her grandparents love.

A celebration of family, friendship, cricket, British Caribbean culture, Black British history and women’s sport.

Our Review Panel says...

It is really refreshing to see a book based around a love of sport – especially cricket – with a female protagonist. Last Girl In features Kerry-Ann, a young girl living in modern-day London, who completely encapsulates her Jamaican heritage.

This is a fairly quick read most suitable for KS2 pupils and one that features themes most pupils can relate to such as rivalry between peers, family links and sporting prowess, alongside themes which some pupils will strongly feel but will be new to others such as experiences of racism, discovering other cultures and feelings of shame.

Kerry-Ann and her friends are huge lovers of cricket and the book centres around their battle for fair use of the cricket ground against the ‘stronger’ athletes. Kerry-Ann has a strong relationship with her family, most notably her Grandfather who is also a big cricket fan and part of the Windrush generation. Teachers should be aware when reading aloud that some characters’ dialogue is strong Jamaican Patois.

This is a good introduction to books set in different timelines and there is an element of magic as Kerry-Ann is transported to the London of her grandfather’s time to experience some of the battles he witnessed. There is enough storyline outside of cricket to hold the attention of those without a sporting interest and the book manages to cover many themes without them seeming ‘shoe-horned’ in for the sake of it. This story is completely and unapologetically immersed in Kerry-Ann’s culture, past and present.

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Last Girl In

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