Summer Reading Bingo

A reading bingo challenge to keep children motivated to read over the summer holidays.



Our Summer Reading Bingo is an activity for children (and adults if they wish!) to complete over the summer holidays. The focus is on reading for pleasure experiences rather than specific texts, with activities like make a den and read inside, read in the dark using a torch and read to a pet or a soft toy. Children can choose what they read for the challenges, although we have included some Summer 2022 recommended reads for those looking for new ideas.

Teachers can print out the bingo cards for pupils to take home over the summer holidays or the cards can be printed by parents at home as a fun reading challenge. When pupils return to school after the holidays, they may be awarded prizes, housepoints or certificates for a completed line or for a full house! Scroll down to find the pupil certificates.

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Summer 2022 Update: This year's version contains a choice of two bingo board options (25 squares or 9 squares) plus a Recommended Reads sheet.

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Summer Reading Bingo.png


Tag @booksfortopics in your photos and use the hashtag #SummerReadingBingo to share your pictures with us online. 


These certificates are designed to reward pupils for participating in the Summer Reading Bingo challenge.

We have included certificates for completing a full house, a whole line and a blank certificate to reward pupils who completed the challenge a different way.

Summer 2022 Recommended Reads

If you want to find recommended books for the children to read over the summer holidays, check out our Summer Reads list or download the sharable PDF version.

New Children's Books Summer 2022
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