Traction Man Is Here

Mini Grey

This is a high quality text full of detailed comic-style illustrations. It follows the adventures of an Action-Man style hero with an outfit for every occasion. His daily superhero challenges include rescuing lost toys, diving in the sieve-wreck and saving distressed damsels. Highly recommended.  CLPE offer a free teaching sequence for KS1 based on this book. 

That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

Cressida Cowell & Neal Layton

This is a highly recommendable award-winning picture book that tells the story of a little girl whose favourite toy rabbit is kidnapped by order of the Queen, who likes the look of the toy for herself. Emily Brown is not willing to let her beloved rabbit go without a fight and goes on to teach the Queen an important lesson about the value of treasured toys.


Shirley Hughes

This award-winning book by Shirley Hughes has become a classic of children's literature. It tells the story of Dave, who loses his beloved toy, Dogger. Fortunately, Dave's big sister comes to the rescue and helps him to retrieve Dogger at the school fair. This lost-and-found story will strike a chord with any child who has dearly loved a special toy. 

Lost in the Toy Museum: An Adventure

David Lucas

When the toy museum closes each evening, all the toys come to life. Bunting, the old toy cat, takes it upon himself to count and inspect the toys and give them a history lesson. But one night the toys decide to teach Bunting how to have some fun. This enchanting story has detailed illustrations and children will love to spot the different toys scattered throughout the pages. 

The Amelia Jane Collection

Enid Blyton

This classic is a highly recommended choice of an early chapter book to dip into in storytime in KS1, with short, illustrated chapters that can read as individual stories or as a collection. Amelia Jane is a doll who likes to cause mischief in the toy cupboard when the humans are not around. Can the other toys keep up with Amelia's cheeky tricks and help her to learn to be kind?

Kipper's Toybox

Mick Inkpen

Part of the popular Kipper series, this story is a big hit in EYFS and one with plenty of parts that children love to join in with. When Kipper finds that something has nibbled a hole in his toy box, he sets about to solve the mystery and find out what has been happening with his overcrowded toy collection. 

Toys in Space

Mini Grey

This book is very popular in KS1 classrooms. It tells the story of a group of toys that have been left out at night and then get beamed up into space. Children love the cast of exciting characters and the illustrations full of interesting details to explore. 

Toys Around the World

Joanna Brundle

An information book covering the topic of toys from different cultures around the world. You may also like the other book in the same series, Toys From the Past (available here).

Naughty Bus

Jan & Jerry Oke

This is a photo book that has become very popular in Early Years and KS1. It follows the story of a boy's adventures with his toy bus, told through the voice of the bus itself. If you are looking for something a little bit different for your topic, we highly recommend this one! 

The Teddy Robber

Ian Beck

This picture book tells the story of Tom, whose teddy is snatched in the middle of the night. Tom sets out to get to the bottom of the mystery and find the Teddy Robber himself. Can he save all of the missing bears?

The Wooden Camel

Wanuri Kahiu & Manuela Adreani

This uplifting tale about holding on to your dreams is set among the Turkana people from north-west Kenya. Etabo’s deepest wish is to become a camel racer.  When his father is forced to sell the family camels to have enough money to buy water, Etabo begins to wonder if his hopes are dashed forever. Then he receives a precious gift of a toy camel that brings his dreams alive once again. Through its beautiful illustrations and charming story, this toy-themed story book opens a window into another culture while encapsulating a theme that will resonate with anyone who knows how it feels to hold onto their dreams against all odds.​

The Toymaker

Martin Waddell & Terry Milne

When Mary is unwell and cannot play outside with the other children, her toymaker father lovingly creates dolls that look like her friends to keep her company instead. Years later, Mary finds the dolls in her father's old toy shop and the toys become a symbol linking past and present.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Margery Williams

The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic children’s book that is now nearly 100 years old, although it is as relevant today as it was when first published. It tells the story of a boy’s tatty toy rabbit that becomes ‘real’ as he is transformed by the boy’s love and affection. There is also a movie version of the story available on DVD.

Toys and Games

Sally Hewitt

An informative and accessible non-fiction text that explores how toys have changed over time, organised into easy to navigate sections with a contents page, index, glossary and timeline. 

The Story of Pinocchio

Katie Daynes

The picture book retells the classic story of a toy puppet called Pinocchio who is brought to life to become a real boy. This version has simple text and vibrant illustrations. There is also Michael Morpurgo's chapter book version of Pinocchio available from Amazon , suitable for more confident readers.

Stanley's Stick

Neal Layton and John Hegley

With the power of Stanley's imagination, a simple stick can become any kind of toy that he wants. This entertaining story with brilliant illustrations is a celebration of children's imaginary play.

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