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Remember, Humphrey; never run, never jump, and NEVER. EVER. sit on a wall!

This middle-grade graphic novel tells the story of Humphrey – an egg with very overprotective parents; “Never run, never jump and NEVER EVER EVER sit on a wall. You remember what happened to your uncle…”

Humphrey lives a cautious life, until the day he bumps into Princess Jean (PJ) in the park. An adventurer through and through, PJ regales Humphrey with tales of all her antics and mishaps and they don’t notice the park is closing. Oh no! How will Humphrey get home? There’s only one way out. Over. The. Wall!

The Egg Incident is a joyous reversal of the traditional Humpty Dumpty tale of caution that will delight readers aged 7-11 who are tiptoeing towards independence themselves.


The Mellons need to build a forever home that is lean, clean and green!

The Mellon family have outgrown their flat. It’s time to move, but none of the houses they look at are quite right, so they decide to build their own house. Masha is an architect. She designs a house that accommodates the Mellons’ needs, their budget, and most importantly, the environment. It is an eco-house.

The Mellons Build a House is a hugely enjoyable picturebook that takes the reader step-by-step through house design and build. Heat pumps, solar panels, insulation and rainwater harvesting are all clearly explained and brought to life in Nik Neves’s warm, inclusive illustrations. A timely and essential read for aspiring young architects and construction-enthusiasts.


Excavating four billion years of history from the ground beneath our feet!

Over the past four billion years, life on our planet has evolved from microscopic single-celled organisms to the incredible array of flora and fauna today. In the course of this time, layer upon layer of life was buried in sediment, turning into a fossilised record of the planet’s history.

This highly-illustrated, large-format book looks at all the incredible things that scientists have learned from the fossil record: The ways in which continents have drifted, merged and fragmented again. The life forms that have evolved and the great extinction events that wiped them out. Clear, concise texts are accompanied by Sophie Williams’ warm and entertaining illustrations, making this a book to cherish and return to. A worthy follow-on from Earth-Shattering Events.

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