Review: The Truth Pixie Goes to School

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Book Title: The Truth Pixie Goes to School (available here)

Author: Matt Haig

Illustrator: Chris Mould

Publisher: Cannongate Books

Publication Date: August 2019

Reviewed by: Angela Kent, Librarian

With Matt Haig’s beautifully written verse and Chris Mould’s marvellous illustrations, this book is a joy to read.

In this second Truth Pixie book (see our review of the first book here), Aada is nervous about starting her new school, so she is relieved to have the Truth Pixie by her side. That is, until she realises that being friends with the Truth Pixie is making it difficult to make new friends. In an effort to fit in, Aada makes a comment that upsets the Truth Pixie and makes her leave. Realising her mistake and missing her true friend, Aada is thrilled when the Truth Pixie eventually returns.

Easily digestible in one sitting, this book sensitively explores the trials of starting a new school, trying to fit in and bullying. It also deals with the importance of true friendship, self-belief and the value of standing up for what is just.

Matt Haig’s ability to write poignant verse that can be enjoyed by any age is a true talent. While I think this book is most suited to Years 2 and 3, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I believe that it can be read with, and enjoyed by, children of all ages. This is a must-have book for school libraries, classroom book corners and ELSAs.


You can order The Truth Pixie Goes to School online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Review Panel member Angela for reviewing it.

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