Review & Resources: The Snowman

With Christmas just around the corner, we're excited to share with you a review of Michael Morpurgo's new novelised adaptation of The Snowman along with some downloadable classroom resources to accompany the book.

Book Title: The Snowman (available here)

Author: Michael Morpurgo (based on the original story by Raymond Briggs)

Illustrator: Robin Shaw

Publisher: Puffin

Publication Date: October 2018


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Raymond Briggs' classic story The Snowman, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year. To celebrate, a new novelised adaptation has been published by award-winning children’s author Michael Morpurgo, bringing all the magic of the original tale into a narrative form.

A boy named James is so excited when snow arrives on his farm that he rushes outside to build the snowman he has been longing to create. Wonderfully, the snowman comes to life and gives James a magical adventure that he will never forget. Morpurgo’s short chapter book is as loyal to the original as a prose version can be, with one or two developments, like the heartwarming relationship between James and his Grandma. Like the original, this version is also tinged with poignancy as we watch the snowman melt away, just as the excitement of the Christmas season always dissolves when the festivities come to an end, leaving behind only happy memories and a reminder of how precious time with our loved ones can be.

To many children the story is already a familiar one, if not from the original book then from the televised animation faithfully aired each festive season. To those unfamiliar with Briggs' original, Morpurgo’s adaptation is likely to bring the joy of a classic story to a new generation of readers. This cherished story that never loses its magical appeal, as retold in the beautiful words of one our nation’s favourite children’s authors, is bound to be a favourite for many to curl up with this Christmas.

You can order The Snowman online or from your local bookshop or library.


The publishers have produced a Snowman Resource Pack of cross-curricular activities to use in the classroom, with a particular focus on literacy, PSHE and science. The 24-page pack is free to download here.

The lesson plans are designed to help pupils engage with the characters and explore themes of empathy, loneliness and friendship. There are also some science activities to investigate hot and cold temperatures linking to the melting snowman.

Click here to download the classroom resources.


This book also features on

You can order The Snowman online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publishers for sending me a review copy of the book and resources.


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