Review & Giveaway: Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution

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Today we feature a non-fiction book exploring the important topic of plastic pollution. Read on for a review of the book and a giveaway to win your own copy.

Book Title: Let’s Investigate Plastic Pollution (available here)

Author: Ruth Owen

Publisher: Ruby Tuesday Books Ltd

Publication Date: April 2019

Most Suitable For: KS1 & Lower KS2

Reviewed By: Kirsty A, KS2 Teacher & English Lead


What an amazing book!

This book is very relevant at the moment as this is a topic that is on everyone’s minds. It is constantly in the headlines and on television and will appeal to all children and teachers as a book to use when looking at this topic.

Even though this book is pitched for Key Stage 1, I can easily see teachers using it with Lower Key Stage 2 as the information is detailed enough to engage a Year 3 or Year 4 child.

The book is an excellent example of a non-fiction book. Each section has a clear title, key information, accompanying photographs and diagrams, labels and key facts. Each page has a clear and colourful layout with just the right amount of accompanying text to give children the knowledge and understanding they need about this topic.

In addition, there are experiments suggested in the book which are simple and easy to complete within a busy school timetable and will engage the children. A further bonus is the addition of free downloadable worksheets (available here) which accompany certain pages/sections and can be used in lessons or sent home as little projects. The book can be used across many other subjects apart from Science and would definitely be an excellent cross-curricular text for English to further explore this topic.

This book is a great addition to any school classroom or library that I am sure will get lots of children interested in helping to stop plastics being used and damaging our oceans and wildlife.

I will definitely be using this with my own Year 4 class when we study and learn about this issue in our ‘Blue Abyss’ topic in the Summer Term.

You can order Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution online or from your local bookshop or library.


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'Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution' is part of the The FUNdamental Science series, a range of clear and informative non-fiction books pitched for KS1. The series covers a range of science topics with titles including Habitats and Food Chains, My Senses, Wings, Paws, Scales and Claws and Everyday Materials .

Each title is accompanied by free downloadable resources for teachers.

More information can be found at

****Book Giveaway****

Thanks to the publishers at Ruby Tuesday Books, we have 3 copies of of Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution to give away to our followers!

To enter, simply follow @booksfortopics on Twitter and retweet the giveaway tweet by 11.59pm 21st April (T&Cs here).


You can order Let's Investigate Plastic Pollution online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a copy of this book and to Kirsty for reviewing it.


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