Review: Every Second

Book Title: Every Second (available here)

Author: Bruno Gibert

Publisher: What on Earth Books

Publication Date: May 2020

Reviewed By: Gabby McConalogue

Created by French author and illustrator Bruno Gibert, Every Second reveals remarkable facts about each second in our incredible world, from the number of smartphones bought to the kilograms of sand leaving the Sahara Desert. It is an informative, inventive and fun book that makes the reader recognise how important every moment on our amazing planet is.

Every Second is a fantastic launchpad for discussions at home or school on issues that effect our world including health, science and the environment. Some thought-provoking double-page spreads make direct comparisons such as how many plastic bottles are made versus how many are recycled or the amount of money spent on humanitarian aid next to the amount spent on arms and weapons. Thrown in are a few disgusting or funny facts as well as a few ideas you have probably never thought about.

The infographics are bold and clear, making the book enjoyable and accessible to both children and adults of all ages. This book is a gem for schools and sparking discussions and debates, as well as linking to mathematical topics such as time and place value. It encourages the reader to make further calculations (sometimes requiring the use of a smart hub device) as to how much something might happen in a minute, hour, day or even a year.

Every Second comes highly recommended for those who like facts and figures, being grossed-out or those who like to ponder the smaller (and deeper) things in life. The book would make a great gift or stimulus for learning.


You can order Every Second online or from your local bookshop.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Review Panel member Gabby for reviewing it.

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