Blog Tour: Comprehension Ninja Workbooks

Following on from the popular Vocabulary Ninja resources comes a series of photocopiable workbooks to support comprehension in primary year groups - aiming to transform pupils into 'little comprehension ninjas'! The new workbooks are designed for home learning and include advice for parents and answers at the back of each book.

The publishers at Bloomsbury sent us the workbook for ages 7-8/Year 3 (available here) to look at, although separate books are available for years 1-6. Inside the book is a series of age-appropriate texts and it was pleasing to see how well matched the texts were to topics that are typical on a Year 3 curriculum - including the Stone Age, Pompeii, chocolate and the water cycle. Each text is followed by several pages of activities that focus on the skills of skimming and scanning, retrieving correct information and vocabulary awareness, including the effect of word choices. The first half of the book separates the comprehension activities by question type, giving children the opportunity to work on one particular skill at a time, while the latter part of the book offers mixed questions with a more test-style appearance.

Click the links to find the Comprehension Ninja Workbooks available to purchase online

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 5-6

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 6-7

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 7-8

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 8-9

Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 9-10 Comprehension Ninja Workbook for Ages 10-11

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Many thanks to the publishers at Bloomsbury for sending us a review copy.

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