A Whisper of Horses

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Book Title: A Whisper Of Horses

Author: Zillah Bethel

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Publication Date: August 2016

Suitable For: Years 5 & 6 +

An absolutely breath-taking story about pursuing dreams and learning to navigate the choices that shape identity. This imaginative tale is set in a dystopian future where the walled-in city of “Lahn Dan” is ruled by a dictating government that organises society into three unequally treated classes. The story centres on Serendipity, a young girl who dreams of seeing real horses and longs for the freedom they represent. Serendipity finds an

unusual map and begins to wonder if everything she has been told by the government is a lie. With the help of a likeable smuggler friend called Tab, as well as a story-telling professor and several groups of settlers that she encounters along the way, Serendipity shakes off the notion that identity is defined by class or lineage and begins to forge out her own destiny instead, opting to follow her dreams and discover her own place in the world.

This is a gripping and thought-provoking read suitable for upper KS2 and we recommended it highly.

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Thank you to the author for kindly providing a review copy of this text.


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