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Small, Speckled Egg

Book Synopsis

Unfold a world of discovery.

Small, Speckled Egg takes young readers from the small and familiar to new areas of knowledge where they really have to think big!

It starts with an egg that hatches into one of the most impressive birds on the planet – an Arctic tern. Watch her grow, learn to fly, and start her long migration from the Arctic to Antarctica and back again. A journey she does every year of her life.

Her lifecycle is turned into this easy-to-read story and the beautiful illustrations transport you to chilly polar landscapes. Additional captions are packed with information for able readers to expand on new areas of knowledge. The book touches on KS1 primary science topics: the lifecycle of a bird, food chains, migration, seasons and polar regions.

At the back of the book there is a giant fold-out map that includes a fun I-Spy game to take children back into the book to find the polar animals.

A brilliant addition to any home or school library with lots of detail that will be returned to again and again.

Look out for more science-based picture books in the Start Small, Think Big series including Little, Brown Nut.

Our Review Panel says...

This beautifully illustrated non-fiction book begins with an Arctic tern and her newly laid small, speckled egg in its grassy nest. It goes on to illustrate how the baby bird develops inside the egg, then its life from a small, fluffy chick through its life cycle up until full adulthood where the now-adult tern lays its own egg, ready for the process to begin again. It covers the trials and tribulations of a wild bird’s life, from the dangers posed by predators to the long, exhausting migration journey.

The book is full of fascinating facts about the lives of Arctic terns, including their diet, how they catch food and how they fly. It concludes with a large fold-out page illustrating the life cycle of the Arctic tern as well as a map showing its migration routes. As an added point of interest it also includes a list of animals to look for when reading the book.

This book would work equally well as a book for storytime or as a reference book. With stunning illustrations and easily accessible text, this would be a fantastic addition to any primary classroom, but especially Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 when looking at life cycles, birds and/or arctic animals.

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Small, Speckled Egg: Teaching Pack

A resource pack provided by the publisher to accompany the book Small, Speckled Egg.

Small, Speckled Egg

small speckled egg

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