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Lindsay Littleson, author of The Titanic Detective Agency (available here), has picked some recommended children’s books about the Titanic.

Lindsay says, "As soon as I began the research for The Titanic Detective Agency I became hooked, and what had been a passing interest became a bit of an obsession. Part of the research involved reading books, both for adults and children, about the Titanic disaster. The children’s novels I’ve chosen for my Top 5 stood out as particularly well researched and engaging reads."

Death on the Water
Tony & Tom Bradman

This exciting adventure story is told from the perspective of a Belfast boy called Billy, whose father is killed during the building of the ship. Billy gets a job as a bellboy aboard Titanic, but then the ship hits an ice-berg… 

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Michael Morpurgo & Michael Foreman

Kaspar, Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo tells the story of Johnny Trott, a bellboy at the Savoy, who makes friends with a cat named Kaspar. They have many adventures, including being on board Titanic when it hits the iceberg. This novel is only partially set on Titanic, but the sinking scenes are thrilling and are vividly brought to life by gorgeous illustrations by Michael Foreman.

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The Titanic Detective Agency
 Lindsay Littleson

All the characters in my novel were real-life passengers and crew on the ship. The setting up of the detective agency by Bertha Watt and Madge Collyer, and The Mystery of the Strange Boy and the Treasure Map, are the only parts of the story which are pure fiction. The other mystery which the detective agency attempts to solve, The Case of the Mysterious Mr Hoffman, is completely factual, and proves that the truth is often stranger than fiction!

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Titanic (Survivor)
Stephen Davies

Jimmy from Ireland and Omar from Lebanon meet aboard the Titanic and are exploring the ship together when tragedy strikes. The book is written for reluctant readers, and is an enjoyable and exciting read for all.

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Titanic (My Story)
Ellen Emerson White

Titanic (My Story) is the story of a young orphan on board the ship. Margaret Anne is thrilled when she is chosen to accompany wealthy Mrs Carstairs to New York. But when the ship begins to sink, Margaret Anne finds herself caught up in a nightmare. This novel takes a wee while to get going, but the night of the disaster scenes are very well done and you may need tissues!

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