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Review & Giveaway: The Fish Fingers Series

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Series: Fish Fingers

Author: Jason Beresford

Illustrator: Vicky Barker

Publisher: Catnip

Most Suitable For: KS2


Kids with superpowers, evil villains and loads of humour – this is a series that will appeal to readers in KS2 who enjoy that perfect blend of action and comedy. As I read these stories, I could picture scores of pupils I’ve taught who would lap up every word of Jason Beresford’s easy-to-read adventure series.


The stories centre on gang-of-four Gary, Bel, Ruby and Morris, who stumble across a curious elf that gifts them the power to turn into animal superheroes. There’s Gary the super-swinging chimp, Bel the flying nightingale with a glass-shattering voice, Kanga-Ruby with her magical pouch and Slug Boy who appears to be just a slug (but we all know better than to underestimate the underdog in a superhero tale). In the first of the three books, The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers (available here), the team need to pool their resources and work together as they come face to face with hairy-scary sweetie-stealing evil villains like Jumper Jack Flash and the Panteater.


The gang return in the second book of the series, Frozen Fish Fingers (available here), with the prospect of an exciting school trip on the horizon to go skiing in Transyldovia. This time the gang face beetroot-scoffing monsters, evil doctors and spooky vampires and they put their superpowers to the test once again and save the day. In the third instalment, Fish Fingers Vs Nuggets (available here), we see the Fish Fingers gang come up against an alien mastermind who looks a bit like a chicken nugget and it’s up to the four friends to work as a team to overcome a host of intergalactic problems.


The books are action packed and easy to read, coupled with cartoon-style illustrations by Vicky Barker. The thing that stands out the most about the stories is how skilled Jason Beresford is at bringing together different kinds of humour. The stories are really funny; there are puns aplenty (barely a paragraph goes by that won’t make readers smile and groan simultaneously at the puns) but there is also a good measure of visual humour too (who can resist giggling at a pant-eating anteater whizzing round in circles and then skidding into a bucket of jelly baby jelly?) and a dose of satire at the superhero genre. There’s nothing to be taken too seriously about the gang’s superpowers, but happily they always end up on top.



Thanks to author Jason Beresford, we have two signed sets of the Fish Fingers series to give away to our followers.

To enter, simply follow @booksfortopics on Twitter and retweet the giveaway tweet by Thursday 15th November (T&Cs here).




Order The Fish Fingers Books Online or from your local bookshop or library.


Many thanks to the author Jason for kindly sending me review copies of these books and providing the giveaway prizes.


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