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Reading For Pleasure: Give me 5

5 books featuring epic journeys, selected by author. Jenny Pearson

Jenny says, ‘I love a story involving a journey. I love that you can feel like you are on an adventure with the characters and that you are able to visit places you may never get a chance to see or visit, other worlds that can only exist in your mind. I am going to share with you some of my favourite books involving epic journeys. These really are classics and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.’

Five books about siblings, selected by author Clare Helen Welsh.

Clare says, ‘For those of us lucky enough to have brothers or sisters, siblings are often our first friends. Sibling relationships can be loving, fun, but challenging too, which makes for a dynamic story set up. Throughout my childhood and adult life, I have enjoyed many books about sibling adventures. So, in no particular order, here are my ‘Five Best Books about Siblings:’

Five Books Featuring Robots – Kirsty Applebaum

With her new story about artificial intelligence launching this month, TrooFriend author Kirsty Applebaum has picked out her own top 5 books about robots.

Catherine Rayner – author of Arlo The Lion Who Couldn’t Sleep (available here) – has picked out her top five recommended children’s books featuring lions and tigers.

Catherine says:

The very first picture book I wrote and illustrated was about called Augustus and his Smile. Augustus is a tiger and  he holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve always wanted to make a book about a lion…but I felt I had to wait quite a few years before it was appropriate to do so (hence Arlo being released over a decade later!)! I love big cats, drawing them is pure pleasure to me. I also love to see how other illustrators create images of these beautiful creatures and it’s always a treat to find a brilliant book about a lion or a tiger, not only for me but also to share with my little ones.

It was tricky to whittle it down to five books here, but here’s a handful of lion and tiger books that I love and would highly recommend!

Author Ewa Jozefkowicz has picked out some favourite books showcasing brilliant Grans – starting with Flick’s Grandmother Sylvie in Ewa’s own new book, The Key to Finding Jack.

Julia Golding – author of The Tigers in the Tower (available here) – has picked out her top five recommended children’s books featuring tigers.

Julia says:

How many children’s books can you think of that feature tigers? I had a fun time coming up with this list and it made me realise something: many of us authors choose tigers because they are the most outrageously beautiful AND dangerous creatures you can imagine in a tale. Think about it. There are other dangerous creature – top three on my list being sharks, snakes, spiders – but they are also for many people repellent or scary. There are many beautiful creatures – horses, butterflies, birds – but they don’t bring with them that spine-tingling fear. Tigers are THE animal for both!

So here are my top five books in reverse order….

Author Leisa Stewart-Sharpe’s Top Five Books about our Blue Planet.

Leisa says, “My first children’s book splashed into the world this week – Blue Planet II. You might remember seeing the show on the tellie a few years back. Well I got to work with the people who made the show, the BBC, some people who make books, Puffin, and an incredible illustrator called Emily Dove to take Blue Planet from TV to print. It was FINtastic. (Sorry – I’m prone to puns).

Today, I wanted to share with you my five favourite children’s books that feature the big blue for budding Ocean Heroes! Come and dive in. . . “

Author Ross Montgomery’s Top Five Books Inspired By British Folklore

Ross says, “When I started writing THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIANS, I had rediscovered the classic books that I read in my childhood: stories filled with mythical and mysterious figures from British folklore. I’ve always loved folktales – British ones have their own unique strain of weirdness (if you don’t know it, look up the Lambton Worm), and there’s something special about hearing stories that have been part of the fabric of the country where you live for centuries.

I wanted to write a story that conjured up that sense of story – a place where brownies and goblins and stalking black dogs would fit right. Here are five examples of books that inspired me, or that helped me on my way!”

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