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Go on an artistic journey around the world in this children’s introduction.

Discover the power of art and be inspired by cultures from all over the world with this extensive children’s guide. This book is the perfect introduction for young readers to the world of art and celebrates different styles from every continent!

Children aged 9+ can enjoy reading about early art right through to present day, and learn about the fascinating lives and achievements of great artists and sculptors, from Leonardo da Vinci to Tracey Emin and Henry Moore. All the essential information about art is covered, including the major movements, artists from around the world and techniques.

This art book for children offers:

– Chapters which cover a huge range of artistic styles, from the very first cave paintings to contemporary art installations.
– Profiles of influential artists from Katsushika Hokusai to Jackson Pollock.
– A focus on key techniques and the famous artists who used them.
– Fun activities to create frescoes and sculptures for yourself.

Children’s Book of Art is full of facts and photos highlighting artistic styles from across the globe, from the very earliest cave paintings through to Renaissance art and surrealism, via China’s terracotta army and African sculptors.

Plus, there are fun activities and projects so children can create their own works of art – making it the perfect gift for budding painters and sculptors.


Meet the masterminds behind the greatest inventions in history with this nonfiction book for kids aged 7 to 9.

Step into Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop, relax on board Hideo Shima’s speedy bullet train, and join movie star Hedy Lamarr to bounce ideas around in between takes. Inventors looks at the towering achievements of more than 50 inventors in great detail. The stories are as unusual as they are unique. From Mr. Kellogg, who accidentally created cornflakes after leaving grains boiling for too long, to the ancient Turkish polymath Ismail al-Jazari, who decided the best way to power a clock was with a model elephant, to Sarah E. Goode’s fold-up bed space-saving solution–the inventors of this book have all used tons of creativity to find ways to improve our world. These groundbreaking inventions include the very earliest discoveries to modern-day breakthroughs in science, food, transportation, technology, toys, and more.

Each page is packed with jaw-dropping facts, with every inventor’s achievements written as a story. Beautiful illustrations by Jessamy Hawke bring the inventor’s stories to life, and fantastic photography highlights the detail of their designs. With incredible hand-painted cross-sections revealing the intricacies of a robotic arm, the first plane, and the printing press, young readers will marvel at being able to see close-up how these amazing machines work. The inventors come from all walks of life and parts of the world, making this the perfect book for every budding inventor.


Does the poise, grace, and beauty of a prima ballerina take your breath away? Ever dreamt of landing that perfect pirouette?

Covering everything from basic positions to the finesse of a pas de deux, this inspiring book will help your child pursue the elegant dance form of ballet. Perfect your port de bras and learn how to dance adagio and allegro. You will even find out the best way to look after your ballet shoes and ensure your make up is just right for your first night on stage.

Using gorgeous photos of ballet dancers and easy-to-follow instructions, one of the world’s finest ballet dancers Dame Darcey Busell will teach you various poses, jumps, and exercises, as well as advanced moves and pointework.

You will also discover folk and character dancing and read about the great choreographers and composers throughout ballet’s history.

The Ballet Book beautifully illustrates the world of ballet with captivating notes on classical techniques, the evolution of the dance form, the world’s greatest dancers, and a fascinating look on what goes on behind the scene.

Budding ballet dancers, this one’s for you!


See the world through Faith Ringgold’s eyes and be inspired to produce your own masterpieces.

Have you ever wondered exactly what your favourite artists were looking at to make them sculpt, sew, or paint the way they did? In this book, created in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, meet inspiring American artist and activist Faith Ringgold. Step into her life and learn what led her to mix different media and craft powerful stories into quilts. Travel with her to the places that influenced her and see the causes she fought for.

In this charming illustrated series, follow the artists’ stories and find intriguing facts about their environments and key masterpieces. Then see what you can see and make your own art. Take a closer look at landscapes with Georgia O’Keeffe, or yourself, with Vincent van Gogh. Try printmaking at home with Hokusai. Every book in this series is one to treasure – perfect for budding young artists to explore exhibitions with, then continue their own artistic journeys.


Discover the world’s most famous ballets, including Swan Lake, Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, Spartacus, and The Firebird accompanied by 10 sound clips of child-friendly pieces.

Learn about the music and stories of ballet in the second book of The Very Young Person’s Guide To… series.

Pull on your pointe shoes and follow our heroes as they explore beautiful scenes inspired by some of ballet’s most loved music, including Swan Lake, Giselle, The Nutcracker, Spartacus, and The Firebird. Young readers can discover iconic moments including Swan Lake’s Dance of the Cygnets, The Clog Dance from La Fille Mal Gardée, and Don Quixote’s Dance of the Matadors. Original illustrations capture the beautiful story of the ballet, while the sound button brings the composer’s dazzling pieces to life. Every spread features fascinating facts about the ballet, performers, the composer, and the music.

Ideal for young children starting music and dance lessons, The Very Young Person’s Guide to Ballet Music is guaranteed to delight and inspire.


Uncover the stories of gods and goddesses from around the world, in this dynamic anthology of ancient myths.

Discover 23 captivating stories of gods and goddesses from civilisations around the world in this book that introduces children to ancient cultures with colourful illustrations and incredible storytelling. Young readers will delight in myths that explain the beginning of the world, the way gods helped humans, the divine’s power over weather and other natural phenomena, and much more.

Gods of the Ancient World is a perfect global introduction to the most fascinating stories about gods and goddesses from ancient history.

Further featuring:

– The incredible myths and legends behind each god or goddess with real-world art references.
– Illustrations bring each god and goddess to life for a young audience.
– Fact boxes call out key information to draw the reader in.
– A global look at mythologies, with Maya, Japanese and Yoruba deities as well as Ancient Greek and Roman gods.

Authored by Classics expert Marchella Ward, a researcher at the University of Oxford, this beautifully illustrated treasury of ancient mythologies is perfect for children age 9-12, with amazing real-life photos of ancient objects which show how people worshipped the gods through art.


Learn how NOT to believe what you see with this book of eye-popping pop-up visual tricks.

From the classic “which dot is bigger?” or “is this line straight?” illusions to the first-ever 3D trick to appear in a book, Optical Illusions is packed with picture puzzles. Every illusion is set up to challenge what you think you see. There are hints and tips of how to approach the illusion, and then an explanation of how it works and why you were fooled (and you will be!). There are also flaps, tabs, and a decoder to test the answers, so you can check whether different-looking colours are actually the same, or if those lines really are wonky.

All kinds of visual tricks are featured, including distortion, motion, colour and brightness, ambiguous illusions, impossible objects, hidden images… but the stars of the show are two large interactive illusions – the “thaumatrope” spinner that puts a bird in a cage, and a 3D perspective sculpture. Even though you will build it yourself and know which bits pop out and which parts are flat, you can’t help but see them the other way around.

Optical Illusions will get you lifting flaps and turning tabs in your quest to see the truth behind the illusion – and the more you discover, the more impressive the illusion becomes.


This exciting introduction to the human body is brimming with super senses, marvellous medicine, and record-breaking feats.

The world is so much bigger than young minds can fathom and there is always more to learn. My Very Important Human Body is a vibrant encyclopedia for curious 5-9 year olds with a unique approach to the human body. Little learners can easily digest scientific information with this breakdown of how our bodies work and all the complex mechanisms that are inside us.

Full of fun facts, colourful illustrations, and games that will keep them entertained, this children’s encyclopedia is filled with age-appropriate knowledge on a range of topics that support the curriculum. Get ready for a scientific adventure and investigate the ins and outs of the human body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes!


A timeless treasury of more than 100 stories from the incredible kingdom of plants, told by author and nature expert Ben Hoare.

Plants are found almost everywhere on Earth, but to many people, their lives are a mystery. Learn how seagrass flowers underwater, how the Venus flytrap counts to make sure it catches its prey, and why some tulips used to cost more than a house! This fascinating book for kids explores the vast plant kingdom and explains how plants work, as well as the weird and wonderful relationships they have with animals.

Children can discover the secrets of more than 100 amazing plants in this treasury of fascinating flora, as well as the essentials of plant science, including photosynthesis, pollination, and germination. Each species is shown with remarkable photography and beautiful illustrations, all brought to life by Ben Hoare’s writing, filled with charm and infectious enthusiasm.

This nature book for children ages 7+ features:

– An eye-catching holographic cover, gilded edges, and stunning photography and illustrations, making it the perfect gift
– A wide range of incredible plants and trees from all around the world
– Illustrated diagrams to support definitions of different types of plants
– Introductory reference pages that explain key topics such as photosynthesis

This book is a must for any child interested in the natural world and the plants that grow in it. Plants provide us with food, fuel, and medicine, and without them, life as we know it would not exist. From orchids that grow vanilla pods to leaves that look like stones, and from bamboo that can be made into clothes to moss that soaks up vast amounts of carbon dioxide, plants shape our world in an endless variety of ways.


Celebrate Britain’s newest monarch, King Charles III, and uncover his fascinating story in this kids’ biography, from the publisher that brought you Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

Charles has been heir to the throne since he was three years old, but what do we know about our new king? Come along as we embark on a royal journey like no other…

This incredible book traces Charles’ life, from his investiture as Prince of Wales and his time in the navy, to his extensive charity work and now his accession to the throne. Going beyond just the basic facts, young readers will love learning astounding, lesser-known information like how before becoming King, Charles was a magician, as well as what being king really entails.

Playful illustrations with simple, age-appropriate text fill every page to make this the perfect gift to mark King Charles III’s reign and celebrate his coronation!

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