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Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

Chapter book

Be strong. Be fierce. Life is more than a concrete floor.

Scruffity is born into a harsh, grey world. What he yearns for most is Family. But no one wants him. Just as his chances of adoption grow thin, Scruffity is set free by a boy as unwanted as he is.

He learns how to run, to dig, to howl and, biggest of all, to love. But then tragedy strikes …

How does a dog find his way home when he never had one to begin with?

A heartfelt, wondefully written and totally compelling story of love and belonging.

Told through the eyes of a young pup, Scruffity, who will tug at your heartstrings.

Themes of friendship, loss and hope are woven through a gripping narrative.

Stunning illustrations by Sean Buckingham.

Chapter book

Cosy crime meets magical mystery in the new story from the bestselling author of The Last Chance Hotel, Nicki Thornton!


When a nosy stranger arrives in her riverside town, school reporter Veena Vale becomes suspicious.

But only talking back cat Nightshade will listen to her.

To find out the truth of what’s going on, the two of them must unravel an ancient curse, tell uncomfortable lies and bake an awful lots of flapjacks . . .

A magical murder mystery story perfect for fans of Robin Stevens and Harry Potter

By the author of The Last Chance Hotel, chosen as Waterstones Book of the Month and nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Award

Follows on from The Howling Hag Mystery and The Poisoned Pie Mystery; a series starring fan-favourite Nightshade the cat as the star of her very own mystery!

Chapter book

A high-stakes adventure story full of heart from debut author Varsha Shah, featuring charming illustrations from Sònia Albert and shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2023.

Abandoned on the Mumbai railways, Ajay has grown up with nothing but a burning wish to be a journalist.

Finding an abandoned printing press, he and his friends Saif, Vinod, Yasmin and Jai create their own newspaper: The Mumbai Sun.

As they hunt down stories for their paper, the children uncover corruption, fight for justice and battle to save their slum from bulldozers.

But against some of the most powerful forces in the city, can Ajay and his friends really succeed in bringing the truth to light? Not to mention win the most important cricket match ever…

A high-stakes adventure story full of heart, written against the backdrop of modern India: Emil and the Detectives meets Slumdog Millionaire.

Winner of the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition 2020.

Wonderfully illustrated by Sònia Albert and starring a lovable ensemble cast of characters.

Tackles tough topics such as social justice and truth in journalism with a lightness of touch.

Chapter book

Meet the children of Elliot and Virgo, beloved heroes of Who Let The Gods Out?

Football-loving Vesper … And super bright Aster …

Now it’s their turn to take on the world’s worst-behaved immortals.

Beginning with Maya bad boy, Kizin, and his Lords and Ladies of Death …

Superstar author Maz Evans’s hilarious new adventure is a welcome return to the bestselling world of the Who Let the Gods Out? series – shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

Book 1 of 3 in a superlative new spin-off series of mythological baddies.

Packed full of edge-of-your-seat adventure, belly laughs and Maya mythology.

As well as a brand-new Gods Squad led by Vesper and Aster, your favourite characters from Who Let the Gods Out? are back.

Chapter book

Prepare to be swept up, up and away on this high-flying adventure from the queen of historical fiction, Emma Carroll!

Orphan Magpie can’t believe her eyes when she sees a boy swept off his feet by a kite … or something that twists and dances in the wind.

Like her, the boy – Pierre – dreams of flying over the rooftops of Paris. His family, the Montgolfiers, are desperate to be first to discover the secret of flight.

The world looks so different up high and suddenly Magpie knows what she wants – to be the first to fly in a balloon above the King and Queen of France …

From the bestselling historical fiction author of books including Secrets of a Sun King, When We Were Warriors and Letters from the Lighthouse

Discovery meets imagination in this rich and inspirational tale based on the true story of the first hot air balloon flight over Paris in the eighteenth century

An enchanting story of history, adventure, science and facing your fears.

Chapter book

A rip-roaring Roman adventure from the acclaimed author of Princess BMX, Marie Basting.

Silvia’s dad loves re-enacting Roman battles on Hadrian’s Wall – unfortunately, he’s stumbled through a one-way portal back to ancient Rome and dragged the whole family along for the ride.

Now, the fate of the world rests on Silvia’s shoulders …

Readers will go on a time-travel adventure – with a LARPing twist – as Livi and her family are catapulted back to Ancient Rome Perfect for ages 8 and up; sure to be a hit with KS2 readers, as Romans are a staple on the curriculum.

Chapter bookPicturebook

A stunning children’s novel from the Costa Award-winning author of Asha & the Spirit Bird.

This story follows archaeology-obsessed Xanthe as she uncovers her family’s secrets. Xanthe loves visiting her gran in her flat with its rooftop garden.

But Nani is becoming forgetful – and Xanthe wishes she could help her, if only she knew how.

A mysterious cat shows her a way. It leads Xanthe to clues about Nani’s childhood, and how, long ago, she had to escape her old life in Africa for a new one in Britain.

Set in a tower block in Nottingham, this tale of secrets, family, refugees, belonging and love brings Jasbinder Bilan’s trademark magical realism to an urban, everyday setting.

Chapter book

A rip-roaring Roman mystery from Historical Association Young Quills Award-winning author Ally Sherrick.

Vita longs to write the plays that she steals off to watch – but as the daughter of a high-born Roman, her only future is marriage.

When her father is murdered, everything changes.

She escapes with her life – only to end up a slave, sharing a cell with a fierce gladiator, Brea, and her wolf.

But when Vita and Brea discover they have a common enemy, they know they must stnd together for truth and justice…

Chapter book

Innis Munro is walking home across the bleak wilderness of Nin Island when he hears the chilling howl of a wolf. But there are no wolves on the island – not since they were hunted to extinction, centuries ago. He decides to investigate his island home and accepts an ancient challenge: he who jumps the Bonnie Laddie’s Leap wins a fortune. As the wolves rise from the darkness of history, and long-buried secrets resurface, Innis’s adventure truly begins…

Chapter book

In this sequel to Milton the Mighty, Milton goes international!

Milton’s superstardom is stressing him out: the events, the glamour, the adoring fans! Secretly, Zoe, Audrey and Ralph think he’s turned into… well… a bit of a diva. So when Dad and Greta plan a trip to Hawaii, Zoe knows she has to take her best spider pals along for the ride: they all need a break. But with a live volcano, an endangered spider species, an unscrupulous entrepreneur and Milton’s ego to contend with, this is hardly a holiday…

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