Three Books to Cause Giggles at Storytime

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Book Titles: Not My Hats!, AdoraBULL, Bonkers About Beetroot!

Publisher: Maverick

Suitable For: EYFS & KS1

Over the last few weeks we’ve been enjoying smiles and giggles at storytime with three amusing books from Maverick Art Publishing. Maverick picture books are typically brightly-coloured and humorous with quirky story lines featuring winsome characters and these three books are no exception.

1. Not My Hats!

Title: Not My Hats!

Author: Tracy Gunaratnam

Illustrator: Alea Marley

This is exactly the kind of book that I love to read aloud to groups of children. Everything about 'Not My Hats!' makes for a very happy storytime, from the brightly patterned illustrations to the slightly random cast of characters to the hilarious sets of rhyming strings. Hettie the polar bear collects hats (in fact she owns “tall hats, small hats, any size at all hats, round hats, pointy hats, fancy hoity toity hats…”) but the problem is that she loves her hats so much that she refuses to share them.

When Puffin comes along needing a hat, the pair have to work together to create a peaceful solution. Happily, the book ends with a positive message about finding the joy in sharing even the most treasured of possessions. Tracy Gunaratnam is a master of rhyme and rhythm and there is something really delightful in the way the lines in this book roll off the tongue.

Recommended for EYFS and KS1.

You can find 'Not My Hats!' from Amazon or any good bookshop or library.

2. AdoraBULL

Title: AdoraBULL

Author: Alison Donald

Illustrator: Alex Willmore

Whimsical and endearing, this new picture book tells the story of a boy called Tom and his best friend, Alfred the Bull. For a long time the pair are inseparable, but when Tom starts school Alfred is left waiting alone for Tom to return. When Tom asks for a new “totally adorable” pet one day, Alfred decides to take urgent action. Using the farmer’s phone to discover what ‘adorable’ means, Alfred is dismayed when the search returns images of kittens

surrounded by marshmallows and puppies in teacups, wondering how he can ever match them. After various failed attempts to get noticed for his adorability, Alfred is relieved to find a solution to the problem when Tom’s new pet arrives. This story is humorous and the accompanying illustrations are filled with witty details that are pleasing to both young children and adults alike.

You can find 'AdoraBULL' from Amazon or any good bookshop or library.

3. Bonkers About Beetroot

Title: Bonkers About Beetroot

Author: Cath Jones

Illustrator: Chris Jevons

This is a truly original picture book that, like its name, is just a bit bonkers! It tells the story of an innovative zebra who is looking for a way to bring in visitors to Sunset Safari Park to save it from being closed down. In true entrepreneurial spirit, Zebra decides to grow the world’s most enormous beetroot which, with a nod to the story of the Enormous Turnip, becomes so big that the only thing to do is to eat it. However, eating the beetroot has unintentional and colourful consequences for Zebra in a humorous twist. This is a really funny story that is suitable for a laugh-out-loud story time in EYFS and KS1.

Also features on: Things that Grow Booklist (KS1)

You can find 'Bonkers About Beetroot' from Amazon or any good bookshop or library.


Thank you to the publisher for kindly providing review copies of these texts.


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