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Book Title: Survivors

Author: David Long & Kerry Hyndman

Publisher: Faber & Faber

Publication Date: Oct 2017

Suitable For: Years 3-6

This is an exciting non-fiction text containing a collection of captivating real life tales of men, women and children who have survived the most perilous situations against all odds.

The book of short stories features a mixture of well known adventurers, like Shackleton, and lesser-heard stories like that of Poon Lim, a man who wrestled for survival by living alone at sea on a raft for months and, desperate for something to drink to stay alive, captured and killed a shark in order to drink its blood! 

Many of the stories are truly incredible and they encapsulate how the sense of sheer determination, guile and radical bravery found deep within the human spirit enables people to overcome adversity in the most unlikely situations.

This is a superb non-fiction-that-feels-like-fiction text that we highly recommend to KS2 classrooms.


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Thank you to the author for kindly providing a review copy of this text.


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