Review: Ten Nasty Little Toads

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Book Title: Ten Nasty Little Toads (available here)

Author: Steve Cole

Illustrator: Tim Archbold

Publisher: Zephyr

Publication Date: October 2018

Most Suitable for: Lower KS2

Reviewed By: Ian Eagleton (@MrEagletonIan), Education Consultant

Are you a nasty little toad? Do you need teaching a lesson?

Well then, join the warty, wicked Madame Rana in these ten cautionary tales! In this hilarious collection of tales, you’ll meet Cherry Oddfellow, ‘part-girl, part-mudslide’ who refuses to wash. Cherry Oddfellow is the self-styled ‘Lady of Filth’ who hasn’t washed for three years, two months and twenty seven days! What will happen to this little stinker?

There’s also Jacques LaConk, who seems to be ‘such a nice young man’ but who really loves all types of bodily stuff, especially the type that runs and dribbles! YUK! Revolting Jacques grows a monster, unlike any other monster you’ve ever seen before. A monster made of grease, snot, fluff and chewed nails. But what happens when the monster grows so large that the soggy floorboards begin to groan under its weight?

Alongside these two gruesome children, there are a whole host of other spoiled, lying, nasty, guzzling, burping children whose wicked ways cause all manner of problems and havoc. Will they learn the error of their disgusting ways before it’s too late?

This is a brightly illustrated set of hilariously wicked tales with streaks of Roald Dahl’s engaging dark humour. The purpose of the book? To teach naughty children to behave themselves! Children will certainly enjoy the excitement and tension in each story and the many laugh out loud moments.

For teachers who may be pressed for time, this is a perfect collection of short stories to share at the end of a long day.

There’s a glorious twist at the end of the collection, when Madame Rana finally exacts her revenge on the vile children. Watch out, you better behave or else you might be next!


You can order Ten Nasty Little Toads online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Ian Eagleton for reviewing the book.


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