Review: Sign Here

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Book Title: Sign Here

Author: Gabrielle Djanogly

Illustrator: Adèle Mildred

Publisher: Prestel

Publication Date: October 2018

Now for something completely different! Sign Here is an original and interactive book that gives a clever twist to the usually-dull task of filling out forms.

Sign Here is essentially a book of forms, created especially for small people with big imaginations. Each page - which could be pulled out or photocopied - invites the reader to fill in a different official looking form, such as the Pocket Money Raise Request Form, the Application for a Pet or the Declaration of Sad.

Readers might choose to use this book in a number of different ways – simply as a reading book that sparks smiles and gets the imagination flowing, as a fun book for friends to look at and chat about the possible form answers together, as a means of seizing different opportunities to communicate concepts that are not always easily verbalised (like the Apology Form) or simply to pick up a pen and fill in the answers for the fun of it.

Stylishly illustrated by Adele Mildred, the book retains an official-but-fun feel to its pages throughout. It’s a clever concept and the well structured forms are likely to generate responses from even the most reluctant of writers.

The author, Gabrielle Djanogly, is also a professional hat maker. Check out her special guest blog post about life as an author and milliner here. You can order Sign Here online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book.


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