Review: Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl

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Book Title: Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl (available here)

Author: Alesha Dixon in collaboration with Katy Birchall

Illustrator: James Lancett and Mike Love

Publisher: Scholastic

Publication Date: March 2019

Suitable For: KS2

Reviewed By: Natasha Kendrick, Year 6 Teacher


In the latest instalment of Lightning Girl series, Aurora and the Bright Sparks are back fighting crime and saving the world, and even get to meet a very famous British figure. The Light of the World precious stone, which gives the Beam Women their powers, has gone missing and Lightning Girl is determined to discover who has stolen it and where they have hidden it.

Though her determination is admired, Aurora does not always make the smartest decisions in her desperation to track down the stone. A change in Aurora’s fortunes sees a long lost relative turn up to aid the search for the elusive gem. Recruiting her friends, the Bright Sparks, and her auntie too, Aurora starts to uncover clues about the stone and her family’s superpowers. Her mission comes to a head on a school trip to Paris, which leaves Aurora and her brother Alexis trapped in danger. Will they be saved and the Light of the World recovered before she loses her Lightning powers?

An action-packed adventure full of mystery, suspense and a dose of humour in the form of a confident and dramatic ostrich. I would recommend this story to lower key stage 2. The story focuses on the importance of family, friends and teamwork to help you out when you are in a spot of bother. The book contains some cartoon-like illustrations and, at the end, information on the Bright Sparks, which allows anyone to read and understand the story without having to read the prequels.


You can order Secret Supervillain vs Lightning Girl online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a copy of this book and to Natasha for reviewing it.


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