Review: 'RESPECT: Consent, Boundaries and Being in Charge of You'

Book Title: 'RESPECT: Consent, Boundaries and Being in Charge of You' (available here)

Author/Illustrator: Rachel Brian

Publisher: Wren & Rook

Publication Date: January

Most Suitable For: KS2

Consent and boundaries are not easy topics to teach to your children but this new book by Rachel Brian (co-creator of the viral 'Tea Consent' video) is specially designed to explore these areas in the classroom - perfectly timed to support the new statutory changes to PSHE around Relationships Education this year. It’s an empowering little book filled with cartoons and humorous illustrations that each give examples and advice around the issue of consent in everyday situations.

The book breaks down the big topic of consent into different themes, including setting boundaries, personal space, healthy relationships and trusting instincts. The everyday examples given are suitable for primary aged children - how to politely but firmly fend of Aunt Gladys’s desire to pinch your cheek, how to tell if your friend might not to want to play your tickling game, who to approach for help when your boundaries are not being respected and how to trust your gut if you get a bad feeling about something.

Trust Your Gut

We’ve zoomed into the chapter called ‘Trust Your Gut’ to give you more of a flavour of the book’s advice.

Cartoons and bold illustrations explain how your gut helps you to figure which things you are comfortable with and how a slight change of context can make the difference: a solo adventure in the daytime might feel safe but when it goes dark your gut might tell you to find some company; getting ice cream from an ice cream van might give you a good feeling but you would no longer feel comfortable eating it from the floor; getting a lift feels normal when it is from your mum but you may get a bad feeling about accepting lifts from the neighbourhood bully. There’s no rule book detailing every situation a person might find themselves in, so learning to trust your gut is vital when it comes to personal safety.


You can order RESPECT online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publishers at Wren & Rook for sending us a review copy and inviting us to take part in the blog tour. Check out the other stops, too!

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