Review: Princess BMX

BooksforTopics Reading for Pleasure Recommendations

BooksforTopics Reading for Pleasure Recommendations

Book Title: Princess BMX (available here)

Author: Marie Basting

Illustrator: Flavia Sorrentino

Publisher: Chicken House

Publication Date: August2019

Most Suitable For: Lower KS2

Reviewed by: Claire, Headteacher

If you are looking for a book that turns traditional tales on their heads and will make you laugh out loud, then Princess BMX is the perfect book for you to share with your lower KS2 class.

Princess Avariella finds that the expectations placed upon her to be a perfect young royal are boring, so she gets herself into all sorts of scrapes. In this adventure, she finds a portal that magically takes her away from her kingdom and into the heart of London. There, she happens upon a young boy called Ethan who has a BMX bike.

The book cleverly continues to flow backwards and forwards between the magical kingdom of Biscotti (with all its fairy tale features) and the contrasting setting of modern day London (complete with skateboarders and spiky haired punks from Camden Lock!). There is so much to discuss in the characterisation of Ava; her life as a royal princess appears to be perfect, so why does she find it so hard to fit in with the expectations placed upon her? There is also lots to consider in terms of challenging stereotypes; from the royal characters in Biscotti, to Ethan’s mum with her lifestyle as a single parent.

It’s a great story with a magical ending and a few illustrations throughout. The book would work well as a class reader if you’re embarking on a fairy tales topic but would work well as a ‘reading for pleasure’ read too. If you’re looking at London in Geography, then investigating Camden and the surrounding area would really bring the story to life.


You can order Princess BMX online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Review Panel member Claire for reviewing it.

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