Review: One World Many Colours

Book Title: One World Many Colours (available here)

Author: Ben Lerwill

Illustrator: Alette Straathof

Publisher: Quarto

Publication Date: March 2020

Most Suitable for: KS1 & Lower KS2

Reviewed By: Suzanne Booth

This is a beautifully illustrated book, which as the title would suggest, is full of beautiful colours, that will mesmerise and engage anyone that flicks through the pages that are packed full of imagery. But there is clearly an undertone of morality trailing throughout the book, as it reminds us of the importance of how special the world we share is.

Travelling from the white plains of Antarctica, through the sunflower fields of Spain, to the red light washing over the ancient pyramids of Egypt; we are taken on a feast of colour and joy as we admire all the colours the world has to offer. But it also illustrates how colour is found all over our world, through nature, the towns and cities, but also by the different people and cultures that live on the earth. With this we come to think about how important it is we look after this wonderful world, and how it is there for us all to love and enjoy, no matter where we come from or what culture or religion we believe in.

The map at the end is also a nice overview to put all the individual places into context to understand where they are in the world, using recognisable images from the main pages. Writing all the colours in lots of different languages is a touch that makes this book feel a multicultural experience.


You can order One World Many Colours online or from your local bookshop.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Review Panel member Suzanne for reviewing it.

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