Review: Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting

Book Title: Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting (available here)

Author: Robin Bennett

Illustrator: Tom Tinn-Disbury

Publisher: Firefly

Publication Date: February 2021

Most Suitable For: Years 2-6

Reviewer: Caroline Waldron

Max is not your average 9 year old. He has an unusual gift – he can turn himself into a huge, furry (friendly) monster! Fortunately, he has another unusual gift – he can turn himself back into a boy again by sneezing (his happens a lot as Max is allergic to flowers). Max loves being a monster, except when he sneezes whilst he’s out adventuring and suddenly turns back into a boy dressed only in his pants.

One day Max realizes that something isn’t quite right in his town. Strange things are happening, items are getting smashed up and old ladies are being frightened, and HE’S getting the blame (monster him of course). So Max and his cat, Frankenstein, set out on a mission to ‘protect and do good stuff’. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly according to plan . . .

Will Max defeat the bad guys? Will arch-enemy Peregrine spoil his mission? Will the Bobble Hat of Forgetting be found in time to save the day? This is a funny, high-speed adventure, full of near-misses, crazy inventions (like the Portable Operating Omni Prison, or POOP for short) and lovable characters. Monster Max is beautifully illustrated throughout by Tom Tinn-Disbury whose illustrations really bring Max and his adventures to life. Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting is the first in a new series and I am already looking forward to reading the next book and finding out what adventures Max gets up to next.

I would recommend this book for all children from ages 7 to 10. It would also be a great story to read out loud.


You can order on Amazon or from Bookshop.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to our Review Panel member for reviewing it.

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