Review: Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel

Book Title: Knight Sir Louis and the Dreadful Damsel (available here)

Author/Illustrator: The Brothers McLeod

Publisher: Guppy Books

Publication Date: August 2020

Most Suitable For: Years 4/5

Reviewer: Emma Hughes

Arise Knight Sir Louis! He is the bravest of all knights in all the lands. And, fortunately for King Burt The Not Bad, he is the resident knight at Castle Sideways. So when a messenger arrived with news of a giant damsel who was wreaking havoc in local realms, King Burt called on his faithful Knight to get things in order! He needs to find the Damsel in Distress and lock her in the dungeon before all of the chocolate has been stolen… not forgetting the gold and silver, of course! And so begins Sir Louis’ quest and with his trusty steed, Clunkalot by his side how can he possibly fail?

There is nothing normal in this kingdom, it is utterly bonkers. Clunkalot is a poetry-loving mechanical horse and Castle Sideways is, indeed, sideways. So, when Sir Louis embarks on his adventure it is clear that it will be far from straight forward. With the smooth capture and trial of the Damsel, it is evident that she is just an innocent accomplice, who is merely a pawn in somebody else’s dastardly potato-ey plan.

This is a bonkers book, with a fantastical cast of characters, which are list in the beginning of the book. The illustrations are engaging and feature on nearly every page; there is an audience that provides commentary throughout the book, which is both refreshing and entertaining. The reference back and forth to other chapters make this interactive book feel like it is alive, and that you are part of the story. It’s a fully immersive experience and you will find yourself twisting and turning the book as you laugh along at the puns and jokes.


You can order Knight Sir Louis online or from an independent bookshop.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to our Review Panel member for reviewing it.

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