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Today we feature a closer look at Storm Hound, one of our top picks this term in our Spring 2019 Ones to Watch list. Read on for a review of the book and a giveaway to win one of 7 copies!

Book Title: Storm Hound (available here)

Author: Claire Fayers

Publisher: Macmillan

Publication Date: February 2019

Suitable For: KS2


Storm Hound is a hugely entertaining and highly original fantasy adventure from Claire Fayers, author of Mirror Magic and The Accidental Pirates.

Everybody knows that dogs are man’s best friend. That is, everybody except for Storm Hound, the youngest hound in Odin’s sky hunt. Storm believes himself to be fierce, mighty and far above the ways of the domestic dogs living down on Earth. So when he accidentally falls from the skies during his first official hunt and lands on the A40 just outside Abergavenny, Storm is surprised to find that nobody on Earth seems to take seriously his important role of Storm of the Wild Hunt.

Worse still, people seem to treat Storm as if he is some kind of adorable domestic puppy. Twelve-year-old Jessica adopts Storm from a rescue centre and a tender relationship develops between the pair. Jessica, who is facing a life upheaval as she moves from London to a new home and school in Wales, relishes the comfort and companionship that Storm brings her and, as time goes by, Storm begins to feel loyal and protective towards Jessica too (although he is categorically NOT her pet - he is Storm of Odin from the Wild Hunt).

Some humans are aware of Storm’s legendary powers though, and suddenly a number of adults become unusually interested in Jessica and her new pet. What follows is a fast-paced and very witty adventure that leaves Storm with a life-changing decision to make.

Storm Hound is a genuinely funny narrative that is also poignant in parts and I know so many young readers who will thoroughly enjoy everything about this story.

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You can order Storm Hound online or from your local bookshop or library.

****Book Giveaway****

Thanks to the publishers at Macmillan, we have 7 copies of Storm Hound to give away to our followers!

To enter, simply follow @booksfortopics on Twitter and retweet the giveaway tweet by 11.59pm Wed 27th Feb 2019 (T&Cs here).


You can order Storm Hound online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and providing the giveaway prizes.


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