Review & Giveaway: Fowl Twins

Eoin Colfer's brilliant new addition to his Artemis Fowl series,The Fowl Twins, is published in paperback this week and the Artemis Fowl movie has been released on Disney+. Read on for our review of the book followed by a giveaway to win your own copy...

Book Title: Fowl Twins (available here)

Author: Eoin Colfer

Publisher: Harper Collins

Publication Date: November 2019

Most Suitable For: Year 4-6

Reviewed By: Caroline Wood, Library Manager

What a joy to be back in the Fowl universe! Artemis Fowl had twin little brothers, Beckett and Miles, who as you might imagine have inherited some of the Fowl tendency towards criminal genius. Inherited rather a lot, actually, and their first adventure unsurprisingly brings them slap bang into contact with the world of Fairy. This time we’ve got two of everything: two boys who are polar opposites; two villains; plus a Pixel and a Troll representing the supernatural. And of course, there’s NANNI, the artificial intelligence left in charge of the boys (although really, by now you’d think the Fowl parents ought to know better than to leave geniuses alone!).

The story whips along at a fair pace, there’s plenty of action and humour and a few cameos from Artemis himself in video form. I have read the whole Artemis Fowl series previously, but I don’t think you necessarily need to as there’s enough explanation of the backstory to allow readers to jump straight in. There’s more of a comic book feel to The Fowl Twins than there is to the original series, and big fans of the original might well feel the loss of beloved characters like Holly, Foaly and Mulch. If you come at it with the mindset that it really is a brand new series and not a revisit to Artemis himself, you’ll probably enjoy it even more thoroughly.

You can order The Foul Twins online or from your local bookshop or library.


*****Book Giveaway!****

Thanks to the publishers at HarperCollins, we have three copies of The Fowl Twins to give away to our followers.

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You can order The Foul Twins online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Review Panel member Caroline for reviewing it.

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