Review: Froggy Day

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Book Title: Froggy Day

Author: Heather Pindar

Illustrator: Barbara Bakos

Publisher: Maverick Publishing

Publication Date: September 2018

Most Suitable for: KS1 & EYFS

Reviewed By: Leanne Woolcock - Year 6 Teacher and English Coordinator

Froggy Day by Heather Pindar and Barbara Bakos is a witty, vibrant story that begins with the weather forecast predicting the weather to be ‘very froggy’.

Soon, there are frogs all over the place causing chaos at sea, on the farm and in the city with only the children embracing the mayhem!

There is a wonderful play on words in the text, which continues its punning ingenuity right to the end with the need for ‘frog lamps’ on cars, traffic jams making drivers ‘hopping mad’ and ‘frog horns’ booming out across the bay.

This picture book offers a perfect blend of familiarity for children and humour for adults too. The pictures are bright and the story is simplistic yet memorable and appealing to children from town and country alike.

However, it is the diversity of people such as Jan the female construction manager, which makes Froggy Day my kind of book. With the weather woman stating tomorrow looks to be ‘warm and bunny’, my fingers are crossed for a sequel.

You can order Froggy Day online or from your local bookshop or library.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to Leanne Woolcock for reviewing the book.


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