Review: Flyntlock Bones- The Sceptre of the Pharoahs

Book Title: Flyntlock Bones- The Sceptre of the Pharaohs (available here)

Author: Derek Keilty

Illustrator: Mark Elvins

Publisher: Scallywags Press

Publication Date: June 2020

Most Suitable For: Ages 6-9

Reviewed By: Louise Buisson

The Sceptre of the Pharaohs is the first of a trilogy of Flyntlock Bones books. Its main character is Flynn, a young orphan (around eight years old) who has been thrown out of the orphanage to look for a job. It is for this reason that he finds himself stepping aboard The Black Hound to apply to be a cabin boy.

Flynn initially worries that he has joined a crew of pirates but quickly finds out that they have reformed to become private investigators who sail the seven seas solving mysteries. He sets sail with them and immediately begins work on a case: finding out who has stolen the precious and powerful Sceptre of the Pharaohs from the Gypshun museum.

Along the way, they encounter their old enemy, Captain Morihearty. This is a pirate who has not reformed and has no intention of doing so. With the help of a mole amongst the crew of The Black Hound, Morihearty does his best to scupper their investigation leaving Flynn and his new-found friend desperately trying to save the day (all whilst avoiding the walking mummies!).

This adventure draws on young children’s love of pirates whilst combining slightly more complex themes of crime investigating and treachery, meaning that it will appeal well to a Lower Key Stage Two audience. The illustrations in this book really bring the characters to life; almost every page is illustrated with detailed scenes from the story. This also makes it appealing to those children who find getting into longer fiction books a struggle.


You can order Flyntlock Bones- The Sceptre of the Pharoahs online or from your local bookshop.

Many thanks to the publisher for sending us a review copy of this book and to our Review Panel member for reviewing it.

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