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This week marks the publication of Villians of Venice - the latest adventure in Katherine Woodfine's popular Taylor & Rose detective series.

Read on for a review of Villains in Venice and then head over to author Katherine's guest booklist featuring her own 5 favourite detective books for children.

Book Title: Villains in Venice (available here)

Author: Katherine Woodfine

Illustrator: Karl James Mountford

Publisher: Egmont

Publication Date: August 2020

Most Suitable For: Years 5-6+


Sophie Taylor and Lilian Rose make an unlikely but successful pair of secret agents, whose previous adventures in the first two books in this growing detective series have seen them solve mysteries in Paris and St Petersburg.

Now, it's the winter of 1912 and the pair of friends are facing a surprise betrayal from someone within the Secret Service Bureau. With a double agent on the loose, the detective duo set about to get to navigate the tricky issue of working as a team when they are not quite sure who to trust. A new line of enquiry sets in motion an undercover mission to Venice - complete with its atmospheric canals, carnivals, piazzas and crumbling architecture. Can the pair avoid the enemies lurking in the shadows and find the final piece of their puzzle?

Many readers who have read and loved the author's previous detective series called the Sinclair Mysteries (available here) will adore these fast-paced international adventures that are characterised by a slightly more grown-up feel. With a strong sense of peril and not-quite-knowing-who-to-trust, plenty of twists, interesting geographical details and gutsy, inspiring female lead characters, this is a thrilling middle-grade series with a winning formula for fans of detective stories.

You can order Villains in Venice online or from your local bookshop.

Guest Post

Click here to read author Katherine Woodfine's guest booklist featuring 5 favourite detective stories for children.


You can order Villains in Venice online or from your local bookshop.

Many thanks to the publishers at Egmont for sending us a review copy and to Katherine for providing the guest post. Check out the other stops on the blog tour, too.


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